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Episode #14 theme (Poll Closed)

  • The Jackson 5 meets Salt N Pepa” That’s all we get: 5 ingredients per dish … plus a little salt and pepper
    2 votes

  • Regression Impulse: a delicious dish inspired by the first great meal you can remember
    1 vote

  • Spring Fever, Cooler Heads prevail: Icy Cold, Boiling Hot, Crazy Spicy, or Super Bland. Prepare dishes that takes us to one extreme or the other. No middle ground for the FMC.
    1 vote

  • Spring Break! A little trip to the world of crispy, snappy, crunchy foods. (And way too much booze.)
    3 votes

  • March Madness, which sees unthinkable ingredient/food parings.
    5 votes

  • Old School: Follow or adapt a recipe from as far back in history as you can find.
    1 vote

  • Leftovers: Dishes are made using ingredients from a previously prepared meal.
    0 votes

  • Other
    0 votes

Posted 5 years.

1 Comment

  • thatgirl - 5 years ago

    That "Spring Break" idea scares me a little, what with its implications of beer bongs and having to convince your best friend that yes--she really did sleep with that loser; not that any of my spring breaks looked like that.

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