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Which extinct species would you bring back?

Posted 5 years.


  • crazy cat lady - 3 months ago

    since i love cats i think we should bring Tasmanian tiger back (fun fact: tazzy tiger is actually related to dogs

  • Abreanna - 1 year ago

    Has anyone here seen Jurassic Park

  • Scott Anderson - 3 years ago

    Before deciding to bringing back a species you need to be able to gather enough DNA to bring back multiple individuals to prevent inbreeding and DNA degrading, you need to know why the species went extinct in the first place to prevent it occurring again, are they at risk of bringing back dormant pathogens threatening already existing species or are they susceptible to already existing pathogens, is there anywhere to put these resurrected species and is there anyway of recapturing these species if they were to become a pest species or just harmful to humans or other species.

  • Niharika - 3 years ago

    I think Thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) should be brought back, as it might help in the present tiger conservation programs.

  • Keaton Jones - 4 years ago

    I say bring all the animals on the list back in into our world! And I would also like all the pleistocene megafauna of australia brought back as well.

  • Yasir - 4 years ago

    i would say lets go with the dodo first, then we can go with other beneficial animals like Pyrenean ibex or Moa or Carolina parakeet and leave the fantasy for the next step....

  • Harmen - 5 years ago

    The Woolly mammoth would be cool to bring back, but it isn't very smart.
    A problem could be, that we don't have enough space to let them rise. And when they propagate we need more and more space, and after that it's getting to big.

    so, ... why not the Dodo. It is small and easier to grow-up, (and less problems with the uterus)
    I think that is the perfect animal to get back.

  • cb - 5 years ago

    actually, the best candidate would be the carolina parakeet, which was still in existence until the european settlers annihilated it. that was the usa's only native parrot. there is a very high chance that it could survive again if brought back and not hunted.

  • Jelmer - 5 years ago

    Nevermind my earlier comment, humans killed more species on that list...

  • Jelmer - 5 years ago

    Dodo, because as WE killed it, we should bring it back.

  • Mistie Bradley - 5 years ago

    The only problem is that we have enough problems with the animals we have now and giving them the homes they need. Yes it is sad that all of these animals are extinct but why bring them back when they are not even guaranteed a home? We are loosing the home we have now and bringing more animals into it would not help but hinder. We need to work on trees, plants, and land then about the animal. Prioritize not experiment.

  • Robert Plaster - 5 years ago

    I believe the Dodo would be the best choice for the first species to be brought back from extinction.

    It's the global representative of extinction. It's a creature everyone understands is only dead because we completely brutalized its habitat and devoured them. There'd be little backlash and it would be a great way to both research the process of bringing something back from extinction and smooth out the whole idea of bringing animals back so that we could more easily progress to other, more controversial animals.

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