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Smartphone Madness Finals: Which Phone is Better? (Poll Closed)

  • Nokia Lumia 920
    27,726 votes

  • BlackBerry Z10
    21,932 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • Miodrag - 5 years ago

    I have always loved and had Nokia phones, except for the period from 2009-2013 when I had iPhones. I got them as a gift, and since they were far better than any competition, I used them pretty much and was very satisfied with them.
    Now, last year my wife has accidentally broken her Nokia 6700, and I have decided to buy her a Lumia710 - boom, instantenously fallen in love with WP, and decided to get Lumia920 ASAP. And I am still in love with it. Yes it has some glitches, yes it does lack some apps, but the overall user experience is something I cannot even describe. Absolutely superb and marvelous!
    Thank u Nokia.

  • David L - 5 years ago

    That's a no-brainer there. Z10 came out months after L920 and still manages to under perform in 90% of the specs and hardware. It's a shame, as a Canadian I still have to choose the beautiful and powerful Nokia Lumia