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Was Obama's Remark About Kamala Harris Out Of Line

Posted 5 years.


  • Miss Krysable - 5 years ago

    No because Obama is a PILF *drops mike*

  • jprojectz - 5 years ago

    there was nothing wrong wit the comment but hes the president n he gotta b...not careful...fully aware of what he says n how people might take it. look, hes in there. he got re-elected n he cant get elected again so he said what he honestly thinks. he aint mean nothin but shes the first female so naturally shes the best lookin one we ever had. shes fine wit it.she gets it. "stop lookin for a reason to be mad people jeez. get off Obeezy's dick!" i mean damn...

  • Shirley aka YourHoodLawyer - 5 years ago

    I can see how some people could find the comment to be somewhat inappropriate but it's probably the truth. And it's not like she looks like a bimbo model, she just doesn't look frumpy or anything. That being said, I probably would've done a face palm if I was in the room and heard President Obama say that.

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