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Do You Have An E-Reader?

Posted 5 years.


  • Layla - 4 years ago

    Oh, I am so happy I helped you reach 100!!! I have a Kindle Fire!!!!! Yipee! That is actually what I am typing this on:)

  • Lady Grace - 4 years ago

    I have an iPad, but I do have the Kindle iCloud app. :)

  • Lindsey Caton - 4 years ago

    Long time reader, first time commenter. :P I have Calibre, and use that to take advantage of e-books. I primarily got it to read a comic book series. I have, however, used it for other books too. I would love to get an iPad mini, or a Kindle
    Fire! Right now though, I use my iPod to do lots of e-reading. :)

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