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Who should be the new moderator of Meet The Press?

Posted 9 years.


  • Marshall - 9 years ago

    Chuck is the perfect successor to Tim Russert because of there similarities in style, love of politics, neutral positions and the respect Chuck seems to have from the Washington political community.

  • Blake - 9 years ago

    I am a conservative and usuallly watch only Fox for political analysis. However, I loved Meet the Press and Tim Russert on Sunday mornings. I think Chuck Todd would be the best choice to replace Tim Russert because he is less polarizing than the other choices. He knows politics and is more sincere and less egotistical than most. He would be more like Tim Russert in promoting Meet the Press and not himself. I would continue to watch Meet the Press with Chuck Todd as moderator, but would not watch if the moderator was Matthews, Olbermann, or the other obviously liberal-biased choices.

  • leslie - 9 years ago

    I hang on Chuck Todd's every word (he tends to be right more often than anyone). He's a great analyst who obviously does his homework and I believe his view is unbiased. But how is he as an interviewer? Can he be tough, persistent and entertaining? Is there any video of him conducting interviews?

    I imagine he's laying low to cope with this unfathomable loss. Take your time, buddy, and we'll be here when your ready to make your comeback.

  • Vel Holman - 9 years ago

    While I am a fan of Chuck Todd's, I'm not certain that he's ready. He's got an uncanny knack for numbers and prognostication, but as moderator of the Meet The Press....I don't know! Olbermann (whom I love) and Matthews are far too opinionated. Respectfully, Tom Brokaw is retired and rightfully so. Andrea Mitchell doesn't appear to be aggressive enough. Rachel Maddow (whom I ALSO love) is still in the grooming process over at MSNBC, so she's out. Gwen Ifill (another favorite) would be ideal but I think the honcho's at NBC are going to stay in-house. Plus, let's face it, she's a black woman! That might be too radical. I mean we've got Obama, that's enough, right?! (I'm black myself and being facetious! ) David Shuster, fresh of his suspension is obviously out of contention, so I'm going with David Gregory. Chuck Todd is the man, but is he really ready for Meet The Press? More importantly, we don't know that he's even interested.

  • Lori Curtiss - 9 years ago

    Chuck Todd has the integrity and humility necessary, as well as the political knowledge and judgement. He always tell me something I didn't know or puts something out there in a different way. He is the natural choice for me, and, I strongly believe that he would be Tim's choice.

  • eb - 9 years ago

    I think Andrea Mitchell should fill the MTP chair, perhaps with a co-host from Chuck Todd. Chuck should be Washington Bureau chief. I absolutely love and respect Chuck Todd, but I like him so much as the impartial numbers / policy / know-everything guy, but I'm not sure how I feel about him having to transform into hard-hitting Russert style interviewer. I'd need to see Chuck in that role to decide. Honestly, I think Andrea has earned it already over some of the younger bucks.

    While Gregory is clearly being groomed for something, I definitely wouldn't watch MTP with him as host. I don't view him as impartial or really in the spirit of Russert. NBC or MSNBC news anchor or replacement for Matthews if he leaves, yes; MTP, no, no, no. Same goes for Olbermann or Matthews on the impartiality issue. I think the right fit for the program is as important as interviewing skills.

  • Ed - 9 years ago

    Give it to Tom Brokaw until the election is over then break in the new moderator, whoever it might be, outside the melting spotlight of this Presidential race. (I like Chuck Todd, of course, but I think David Gregory might be the more logical choice for now.)

  • Doug Lally - 9 years ago

    Chuck Todd isn't so much the logical choice to succeed (not replace) Tim Russert, he is the natural choice. Todd is a protege of Russert with a similar analytical style and affable personality. He has the detachment, the intelligence, and the critical judgement to re-establish Meet The Press as a credible, objective, and probing source of information. I just can't see anyone else in that chair.

  • Yoshi Nakashiba - 9 years ago

    As Tim Russert said, the way he did Meet the Press was "To learn everything that you possibly can about your guest, and take the opposite position". Tim's unbiased, bipartisan way of moderating Meet the Press was 2nd to none, and the best person in my belief to fill the big shoes that Tim Russert left is Chuck Todd.
    We will never find another amazing journalist like Tim Russert, but I do feel, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Chuck, is the best person to carry on the high traditions that Tim had laid forth for the greatest Sunday morning commentary show that we all have come to love and cherish.

  • Lee Coffin - 9 years ago

    I think Chuck Todd should be the one because Chuck knows politics, and has an unbiased view towards politics. Just like Mr. Russert did.

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