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Should the Washington Redskins change their name?

Posted 5 years.


  • Scott Campbell - 5 years ago

    Congress needs to worry about the american economy not the NFL! Spend tax payers money on something useful! Like education for our youth so we can have a more intellegent government in the future.

  • JAMES J - 5 years ago

    Of all the problems we have as a country,these are the irrelevant kinds of issues our government focuses on.Maybe the economy, North Korea, etc.etc... Im really astounded by some of some of the stupidity that comes from our supposedly highly intelligent leaders.Moreover just another example of squandering the taxpayers money and time. As for the Indians I do know they couldn't care less about poppycock like this.Actually the ones I talked to said,as good as their casino was doing,they would buy the redskins themselves and change the name if it bothered them!

  • Kevin - 5 years ago

    Obama's hinchmen care more about standing up for things like this than caring for our nation because they can't fix our nation. Nine democrats and one republican are among this contingency of ten congressmen that wanna "stand up and be heard" by putting their names out there. It's called "the state of being incompetent". God, Help this administration find You before the Tribulation. They think they can fix this problem but they can't do their job in the white house? Man Please give me a break. The "Redskins" name has been used since I've been born and should still remain. No one had a problem with the name till "this administration" got a second term in office anyway. I've been a Redskin fan for 41 years so why now the change-so obama can get credit for another feather in his cap and boast about what he has done for this country? In the speech about the families in Oklahoma that have lost everything due to the tornadoes, he didn't once say : may God bless, God's speed, or nothing about God. Jack Kent Cooke-God rest his soul-wouldn't have ever thought about changing the name. Congress wants FULL control of everything, You to come to them for approval of everything in your life. Not happening here though. obama wants obamacare to go through IRS? The man is crazy. When he gets control of your money,he's got you. When he bowed down to that Leader of another country, I knew we were in trouble then. We are in trouble America for the next 3 and a half years. No one has been offended about names of teams until after people find out they can get some money from it by speaking out. That's like reading the Bible and finding scriptures to justify the sin in your life. It's just plain WRONG! You'll be judged by God for what you know and didn't act on and held accountable MORE than what you never knew and chose to do anyway. I hope we the people have learned a lesson from this president and that we don't fall into that same trap by believing what we hear and not by what we see. "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" Oh yeah, Dan Synder can't be bought. He's probably got more money than those politicians will ever see anyway unless they were standing in line watching obama give our trillions away to third world countries and such. Hail To The Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves On The Warpath! Fight For Old DC. Notice it said OLD DC not the new DC.

  • Marktrail - 5 years ago

    Leave the name the same, just change the mascot to a (redskin, of course) Potato!

  • Richard - 5 years ago

    Once again the media and the politicians are focused on rediculous issues. This is nothing but a sideshow distraction while they take advantage of the people and waste our time and money.

  • Will - 5 years ago

    As usual, its a few bleeding heart liberal elite congressmen trying to force a change down everyones throat that a vast majority of people don't want including Native Americans. In the polling of Native Americans on this issue that I have seen, the majority have no problem with the name and some even view it with pride that a national football team honors their fighting spirit with the Indian logo. The people that put these gutless idiots into office need to wake up to what they are doing to this Country and elect individuals with character, honor and courage for a change who will solve the important issues facing the Country instead of wasting time getting involved in matters that don't concern them. Go mighty Redskins and win the Super Bowl this year!!

  • RAYMOND - 5 years ago


  • RAYMOND CARDENAS - 5 years ago


  • Keven - 5 years ago

    How about the Washington WARRIORS? You wouldn't even need to change the logo on the helmets. Basketball has the Golden State Warriors, but that is a different sport and market so there is no conflict, similar to the NY Giants and SF Giants. The team owner could save face by stating that it is an enhancement/modification/update of the current team name, and continues in the team's long tradition of paying respect to the fighting spirit of INDIGENOUS Americans. Go Warriors!

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    Ok, I have decided they should change the name. They should drop the "washington" out of it. As a "Redskin" fan, I have been embarrassed enough by "washington, including the president and congress. I am sorry any American Indians feel they are disrespected, but I feel disrespected everyday by what those incompetent clowns are doing to my country.

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    Jesse, you ought to get with jon and jime and try improving your vocabulary which is about par for a 5 year old. It says volumes about your education and intellegence or lack thereof.

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    Jon nice language. you loose any semblace of creedence or intelligence when you express yourself is that fashion. As for our illustrious congress members. Shouldn't you be passing legislation that will actually help this nation. Good grief you worry about a sports team's nickname while all the while that imbicile Obama is out there selling our country down the river. Well after all this is only his first job. What do you expect? Come on people, get real.

  • Hugh - 5 years ago

    Surely we have more important issues than to deal with peoples rejection, bitterness, and insecurity issues over a NFL Football Team Name? How about we allow the name of Jesus back in schools and prayers? It wasnt anyone calling out Washington Redskins when Terrorist blew up the Twin Towers or Moore Oklahoma Tornado was for God please help us, Oh my God, Save us Lord....something to that effect from what I saw from videos. Wake Up Congress!!! Get the old out and start over, we would be much better off!!!

  • Michael - 5 years ago

    Hey members of Congress, do your jobs gets spending and yourselves under control and leave those things that you shoulnd't have an opinion about alone. Our Congress is turning into bullies that if they don't like it or agree with it , they want to force change to what is disagreeable to them. Well how you morons do your jobs ae disagreeable to MOST Americans, do your JOBS and stfu

  • dan - 5 years ago

    didn't anyone get the e-mail i got? it suggested that they should change their name to the foreskins, in honor of all the pricks in washinton.don't see how that's offensive to anyone cept the pricks

  • Paul - 5 years ago

    Hey Congress why don't you shut the hell up and mind your own fucking business the only people complaining about the Redskins are you!!!!!!!!!!

  • ralph cate - 5 years ago

    what part of NEVER did they miss ?

  • Gregg - 5 years ago

    Hey, Congress. How about you stop calling them 'Indians' (this wasn't the East Indies) or 'native Americans' (Amerigo Vespucci never set foot on 'Terra Incognito') and change the name of our country to the United States of Columbia out of respect for the 'discoverer' (unless the U.S. of Erika sounds better) or 'first oppressor', and because the rest of the Americas are offended by our arrogance to call ourselves 'Americans'.

    After that, Change the name of Indiana and its capital city to something more appropriate, as noted above. And since 'hoosier' refers to a hick or hillbilly, we probably should take that out so as not to offend anyone. Then, insist on Oklahoma removing 'Sooner' from its state vocabulary - nobody wants to be known as a cheater - especially cheating to get free land taken from the 'indians'. Then have Nebraska go back to the 'bugeaters' and give 'cornhuskers' back to Iowa, from whence it came. That would also be good for Iowa, since some indigenous locals might, over time, have grown offended by 'hawkeyes' referring to Chief Black Hawk...

    That's just a start. You get the idea. Once you've started fixing things at the level of your office, then a professional sports team might consider following your lead and changing its name. Until then, mind your own business.

  • Bill - 5 years ago

    US Citizens to Members of Congress who feel that they have the time for this: GET BACK TO WORK ON OUR ECONOMY, THE JOBS SITUATION, ANYTHING BESIDES THIS B.S.! Get serious! Do your real job or get the H out and let someone else in who will! Do you hear us NOW? This is ridiculous!

  • Monroe Good - 5 years ago

    Why doesn't Congress focus on improving the lives and opportunities given to the Native American community? We rounded them up, forced them to live on reservations and ignored them since. Alcoholism is rampant. Gambling is permitted on their land while it's banned in the White Man's land. Education and career opportunities are limited at best. If you're really concerned about Native Americans, put your money where your mouth is and leave the stupid football team alone.

    Being a Cowboys fan from Texas, I loathe the Washington Redskins. However, I feel this is ridiculous. Society today is made up of a bunch of whining, OVER privileged, overly sensitive, cry babies.

    Thank God we don't have to fight World War II all over again. Because we would surely lose with this band of hand holding wussified individuals. Toughen up America! That's what made this country great!

    If anything, using this as your teams mascot exudes a message that Native Americans were full of pride and up for any challenge. They would fight for their honor and defend their territory proudly.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  • Heath Puckett - 5 years ago

    Change the name of a football team, a baseball team, basketball, hockey team. What's next you rich lazy non working a holes? You going to change the name of our country? The states we live in? Get a life and leave us True Americans alone.

  • Heath Puckett - 5 years ago

    Change the name of a football team, a baseball team, basketball, hockey team. What's next you rich lazy non working a holes? You going to change the name of our country? The states we live in? Get a life and leave us True Americans alone.

  • bree - 5 years ago

    Absolutly not as a native american myself i take it as an honor that someone recognizes us. You go redskins dont let them
    change you.

  • last of the Amereecans - 5 years ago

    Your an illegal immigrant Eddie. There now try and knock my teeth out. I would destroy you.everyone wants to be offended shut up already. You are what's wrong with America and why one day if we are not careful everyone's gonna be to weak minded to handle anything anyone says. Like Eddie your an illegal immigrant. I said it again Eddie. See how you feel now, that's what we need to stop. Cry baby. My family gives me more Shit than that every holiday. Everyone just ignores the progress we have made as a society. We are not segregated, people don't hate the Indians it is just a name because they were in the sun so long they had a red tint to there skin. Seems more obvious than racist.

  • memphisman2006 - 5 years ago

    Once again it is the need of one (or a few well intentioned individuals) who take it upon themselves to change something that does not require change. This is similar when they wanted to change the name and mascot of the Cleveland Indians because it was said to be offensive to Native Americans. When the Native Americans living in the Cleveland area were polled, the consensus was that they were not offended by either the name or the mascot. To the members of Congress I have this to say.. There are far more important problems facing our country that you need to devote your time and energy to than the name of a professional football team. So get back to work!!!!!!

  • carlos - 5 years ago

    Im a D.c native and I will always love my redskins win lose or draw........ But theres nothing wrong with change..... This is a 80 year franchise and I understand that some people may feel its racist but its been 80 years and the redskins have been in 3 differnt cities boston baltimore and D.C..... Now Boston is a lil racist and thats were the skins started so I say change the name fast redtails, star, generals watever just get rid of the redskins name its bad luck!!!!!

  • russ - 5 years ago

    I people would stop being so pc. it's killing this country. I think PC is what I call "Wussification" of America. I personally don't consider the name Redskins for a football team. when I think of Redskins, I think of a very brave Indian warrior.

  • steve - 5 years ago

    I never in my life heard anybody be called a redskin in a offensive way. i never read in history books that the indians/natives was called redskins. But i do hear the terms cracker, redneck, hill billies, nigga, slave but no redskin. im from the D.C area hell i work at fed ex field and us redskins fans are soooo dedicate to our redskins. the Indian logo is on the Washington DC football team helmet the nations capital.

  • Scott - 5 years ago

    Leave the name alone. No reason in anyone being offended by a football teams name!!! Maybe instead of being a bunch of sensitive cry babies try feeling privelaged to have a team named after you. Put more attention to helping people out or paying attention to ways you help out our country so these lame @ss politics can spend their time making yhe economy better and quit being over paid to change the name of a damn football team. All that wasted time could be put to use to actually improve this country. Think of all the wasted money in this situation. Could have been used to donate for sick children or feed the poor or something useful. Quit crying. Leave the name the same!!

  • Choctaw Jack - 5 years ago

    I am Native American and I support the Redskins to keep their name. It is fun to hear the mixed cultures attending the games sing HAIL TO THE REDSKINS. I DONT understand how these other people try to say its offensive to us, you make a bigger deal about it than us. Take care of your homeless, know who your neighbors are, volunteer your time to children and focus your time on family. We can take care of ourselves. Thank you

  • Taylor - 5 years ago

    everyone stop saying nigger didnt they? why cant they stop the word redskins? inconsiderent bastards

  • Taylor - 5 years ago

    Maddux is fucking right!!!!

  • Taylor - 5 years ago

    fuckin white people...SMH. they need to see what its like to have an team name offend them. then see how mad it makes you. after the fact WHITE PEOPLE KILLED OFF ALOT OF INDIANS. why the fuck would they want to name a team after them?

  • Kevin - 5 years ago

    I am part Indian and I find the name awesome! A football team goes out and competes in a very physical game(warriors) and plays hard. Very much the same as my ancestors had. I have never found the term "Redskin" to be a negative or derogatory term and other Native Americans that do are WAY oversensitive in my book!

  • Moe - 5 years ago

    Get over it there are more important things to worry about!!!! HTTR.... Hail to the Redskins

  • Travis - 5 years ago

    Would be funny if it wasn't so stupid.

    Congress man, " We need to change this name because it's offensive to your people."
    Native Americans, " Actually we are not offended by the team name at all."
    Congress man, " Oh no, you really are offended you just don't realize it."
    Native Americans, " It really doesn't bother us."
    Congress man, " Well I understand you better than you do, so were gonna change it anyway for your own good."

    Tell me who the real racist are?

  • Dad Tired - 5 years ago

    Only one who got offend was a politician who will run next election.

    Enough with this politically correctness you bunch of retards!

  • mark - 5 years ago

    Interesting. Caucasians are offended by this. Indians are not.

  • Maddux - 5 years ago

    I think, going off of these comments, that American's don't care that it is offensive because it doesn't offend them. In that spirit, rather than changing the Redskins name, lets make the NFL equal opportunity offenders. Now introducing: The Miami Crackers! The Oakland Niggers! The Dallas Wetbacks! The Detroit Gooks! The Chicago Dykes! and finally, The New York Jews! J-E-W-S Jews! Jews! Jews!

    Gosh people, just cause it has history doesn't make it okay. They may have been the Redskins your whole life, and what you are used to, but hell, my to my great grandmother blacks were niggers. Some old traditions can die, if for nothing more than to teach our children that the world is moving on from such thoughts

  • lester - 5 years ago

    they have been called the redskins for many years why just now wanting to change it i don't see where its afending anyone

  • irina - 5 years ago

    oh no why would you want to change their name. the name should stay the same it doesn't even sound the same if you change the name it sounds weird

  • DookSkytop - 5 years ago

    At some point you're just choosing to be offended. This is America, where you have the freedom not to give the "Redskins" your money if you don't like the organization's name. Its called choice. Ever think of that?

  • I am Ironman - 5 years ago

    My dad is 100% native, I am half. Natives are not easily offended, as you can see by many other Natives that are OK with the name. I am assuming they probably never had someone call them a Redskin or used the term to describe them in some derogatory way. There are two professional teams off the top of my head that are offensive. Redskins is one of them and the other is the mascot for the Cleveland Indians. If a group of people are offended by something in the United States there is usually an outcry for a public apology and denouncement of the said offense. I find it amazing that this does not happen and obvious and blatant racism is not only tolerated but defended. This so-called "poll" is going to now be a part of the defense. I find this to be totally irresponsible for a journalism article and should be removed immediately. Other news articles will use this and write "Redskins' name not offensive to the majority of Americans" polls show. This is lying with irresponsible statistics and does not tell you that 30% of the people did think it was offensive or the majority that voted were indifferent because it does not really affect them one way or the other.

    Using a trait from a race to describe how a certain ethnic group looks or acts is racist. When the term is used to demean another group in the past or present or belittle them it should not be used as a name of a national team.

  • jacovny - 5 years ago

    Someone called the Atlanta Braves' tomahawk chop "hateful and ignorant". My problem is when people accuse others of "hate" merely because they themselves are offended by something. I don't for a minute believe that the Atlanta Braves fans "hate" American Indians. Let's stop being such darned drama queens, huh Eddie?

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    The tone of a lot of these comments shows how insensitive so many of us have become.

    The term Redskin is disrespectful and derogatory, clearly. I don't really see how that can be debated. It was borne out of racism, by the original owner of the team who was an avowed racist. Doing a modicum of research on George Preston Marshall should make that clear. The term has hung around for decades, but just because it's entrenched in our hearts and minds doesn't make it less racist.

    I think if people of any color, creed or preference are offended by a term that's used to describe them, then that term needs to stop being used.

    Put respect for each other above love for your team. One, in the end, is far more important than the other.

  • Paul - 5 years ago

    This is not even a worthy subject. All the people that are offended should get a life. The Redskins should never buckle to these special interest groups! It's a great name.

  • Eddie - 5 years ago

    Only a name? Call me an illegal immigrant and see if you don't swallow your teeth! They should change their name if it is racist-which it is. The same applies to the Atlanta Braves and their hateful and ignorant hatchet motion.

    If it is only a name, then change it!

  • The Dude - 5 years ago

    My Dad is Native American, and he and I both have always been die hard Redskins fans. We have NO issue with the name. We actually like it. Leave it alone.

    I guess all of the liberals will want to change the name of the Cowboys too, since they were stereotypical gun toters. Can't have anything with remote ties to guns either.

    What about the Cleveland Browns? That's offensive to brown people everywhere.

    And what about the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's offensive to older women dating younger guys everywhere.

    And what about the Packers...well, you can figure out that one for yourself.

    And The Patriots. That's indicative of a Right Wing Extremist Group. Change it too.

    And The Bears. Hairy Homosexual Men everywhere are offended.

    And the Steelers. Shoplifters everywhere are offended.

    The only names that are safe are the Cardinals and the Rams...that's until PETA chimes in.

    Let's just do away with names and mascots all together.

    Can we start on Baseball now? The Braves? The Indians?

    What about College. Seminoles gotta go.

  • daniel - 5 years ago

    wow cry some more i swear everyone knowadays is so sensetive its rediculus the n word is offensive to these kids who never knew what it was like to be a slave and these current day native american's don't know what it was like to be called redskins in a deragatory manor. The point theres no reason for people to be so sensetive if u lived back in the 1930s-1960s u have a claim if not STFU EVOLVE TO THE POINT WHERE A WORD DOSN'T MAKE YOU GO ONLINE AND RAGE OVER A DAM WORD

  • Tommy - 5 years ago

    This is the most ridiculous thing in the world. HTTR!!!!!

  • Rocky Dennis - 5 years ago

    Univ of Ill had to get rid of chief Illini because of it being racist, even though it was very respectful of native Americans. I am gonna agree with these guys now. While they are at it change the name of Illinois, get rid of the Cleveland Indians, and anything else that has to do with their heritage ........

  • Stevie Taylor - 5 years ago

    Its just a name.. Every sport team needs to change then.

  • Taylor - 5 years ago

    nope. im real native american from oklahoma.

  • Justice - 5 years ago

    change the name to "the Paleskins" to make up for all the time they've used such offending word

  • jim - 5 years ago

    who gives a shit its not that big of a deal stop crying and what about the black panthers should they change their name too. you can change a football team to the Crackers if you even know why white people are called that (its because we cracked a whip at slaves). and of you are Indian your probably 1/16 Indian so shut the fuck up

  • John littlecook - 5 years ago

    they should change the name. I'm a Native American and im offended by the name "redskins" your catagorizing people. i thought every man was created equaly? i dont see any NFL teams with any racials names against any other kind of people

  • trace - 5 years ago

    It's been the Washington Redskins since 1937. Where has the racism been for the past 76 years. Seriously? Leave it alone

  • taylor - 5 years ago

    they should name an NFL team "the Crackers" see how they would react to it. change the f*ckin name

  • Tony - 5 years ago

    How about keeping the rdskins name and make the symbol a peanut?

  • Blake - 5 years ago

    The mindset of people was different in the 1930's when the team was named. I always thought it was a strange name for a football team. I don't particularly like being called gay and don't know what idiot thought there was anything "gay" about same-sex folks. I don't call myself gay, I'm just not attracted to women. I shouldn't be labeled by who I sleep with and a football team probably shouldn't be named after what was considered a derogatory term. Outside of this team, I have never heard the word spoken exept in old western movies. I do think the leaders for this change should be the ones it affects or offends. The team name doesn't pertain to me, just like same-sex issues don't pertain to anyone but the participants. So yes, the name should be changed at the request of Native Americans and while they're at it, get rid of "gay" also at my request. Councilman Grosso was arrested for marijuana use during one of his campaigns in Florida. Maybe he's still smoking and couldn't think of anything better to do.

  • Brenda - 5 years ago

    I, for one, am tired of all this political correctness. There is not one thing disrespectful in the name Redskins. Most folks would be heartbroken, if the name were to change. We love our 'Skins. Maybe because in the DC area there is such a diversity Of people, and we appreciate that more...from average working'joe' to a world diplomat...we all walk the same path of freedom.

  • randy - 5 years ago

    Calling me white is offensive. I am not white. I am more of a pinkish beige color with freckles.

  • tyler - 5 years ago


    The majority is always pro conformity until they themselves, become the minority. People like you either completely lack emathy or have never been in a minority.

  • tyler - 5 years ago


    Because we whites are always the Majority. Move to South America or Central Asia and tell me if the racial slurs aimed at you aren't offensive.

  • Sean - 5 years ago

    I'm a redneck and I can spell indigineous like so and I'd be darn tickled to support a team called rednecks but it sure wouldn't be a dc team... If we Montanans had such a team with the biggest stupidest mascot possible like that fake Larry the cable guy we'd probably still see the humor and revel in it. White bred libs should quit being so holier than thou

  • Barry McCockener - 5 years ago

    I think Achak Nektosha should go kill himself... Then give me his casino money

  • CK - 5 years ago

    HORSE FEATHERS! Why are white folks not offended by all the racial slurs aimed at us? Honkey, White Eye, Pale Face, etc. I have never known a single white man who was offended when those slurs are fired at them.

    Think about it. The problem is not with the word "redskin". The problem is with the reaction to it; mainly by bleeding-heart white people who have an obcesive need to make everything fair for minorities, by taking away the freedoms and liberty of the majority. Those people have never outgrown the social mentality of thier preschool days.

  • Achak Nektosha - 5 years ago

    I think we should change the name to Washington "stealing white persons" You can all go to hell... Then come to my casino.

  • Curtis Osife - 5 years ago

    It should stay the redskins im native and dnt have a problem with it.We all have a derogative word out there,in the end its just a word.I'm proud either way.

  • Jimmy Pope - 5 years ago

    I am white and I consider myself a native american I was born in this country my parents and grandparents were born in this country and I am a native. of the united states of america how about first american

  • tyler - 5 years ago

    How about a link to the study/survey that shows this. If there is one then I will agree with you.

  • casey - 5 years ago

    It is beyond my comprehension so many people do not understand the reason the Redskin's name should be changed. Have been,, always will be a loyal fan but the name is just wrong. Sad so many people still do not believe the First Americans deserve their true respect. Nor do you know their ways and lessons in life. Yes, please, out of respect, change the name!

  • casey - 5 years ago

    It is beyond my comprehension so many people do not understand the reason the Redskin's name should be changed. Have been,, always will be a loyal fan but the name is just wrong. Sad so many people still do not believe the First Americans deserve their true respect. Nor do you know their ways and lessons in life. Yes, please, out of respect, change the name!

  • J Elliot - 5 years ago

    Seriously, this is what our tax dollars are being spent on now. Disgusting and frankly all of my native american friends take no issue with the name and brand. What a waste of resources get back to work and go vote on gun control like all of us want you to do.

  • Bud - 5 years ago

    The New Name Should be: "Forward Looking Vegan Progressives"

    Onward Coordinated Individuals Aspiring to Win a Competition!

    (Formerly known as: Gooo TEAM!)

  • duke - 5 years ago

    The only opinions that matter are those of Native Americans, not politicians that are trying to make a name for themselves. Nor "progressive" minded, political-correctness-is-my-religion folk. Guess what, save a vocal, tiny minority, the majority of Native Americans actually LIKE the name, believing it to be a flattering homage that keeps them in the public consciousness!

  • Barry McCockener - 5 years ago

    How about change the name to Washington Muff Munchers

  • randy - 5 years ago

    Isn't the name Redtails degrading to Orangatangs?

  • tyler - 5 years ago

    Is the redskin potato refering to the skin color of an ethnic minority? No? Stop using logical fallacies, they only make you appear more ignorant.

  • Keven - 5 years ago

    How about "Rednecks" with a mascot called Redneck Bob who wears a dress and a pig nose? FYI - "American Indians" are I-N-D-I-G-E-N-O-U-S. You know you're a Redneck if you can't spell indigenous. Let's Go Rednecks!

  • JM - 5 years ago

    What an inane idea!! This is political correctness gone totally stupid (well, even more totally stupid than usual)! Are the morons pushing this going to want to change the name of the redskin potato next?? Ha--a racist potato!!

    Hail to the **REDSKINS**!!

  • Lagging atu - 5 years ago

    Good idea! Take off the Indian head which is disgusting obviously and put a red potato in it's place! Problem solved!!! Did Indians even have an alphabet?

  • Kyle - 5 years ago

    Stanford changed their name from Indians to Cardinals years ago. Should Dallas change their name? Racist? No, but let it go.

  • tyler - 5 years ago

    As a life long Skins fan I can say without a doubt - change the name. It is racist. Anyone who denies this is either ignorant or a troll.

  • Marci - 5 years ago

    In a world that is too concerned about being politically correct and not concerned about things like poverty, war, or the health of a nation; it is easy for "the people" to be discouraged about hope for the future. There are far more important matters to be dealt with and it's just shameful that the DC council is wasting time on something that "true" Native Americans have no concern for.

    The only people insulted by this "derogatory" term are Americanized Native Americans who themselves don't understand the true struggles of "their people." Native Americas on reservations are faced with alcoholism and extreme poverty. These are the real challenges they should be fighting to solve, not the name of a sports franchise that has no ill will for the Native American.

  • Lynn - 5 years ago

    Do we have to change the name of the potatoes too?

  • Laffin stuff - 5 years ago

    You started as a girl too girly boy, this we know also!

  • devans - 5 years ago

    Leave the name alone. This is really like whipping a dead horse... Oh sorry that is terrible to say about dead horses... These turkeys (sorry for the comparison turkeys) want to stir something up and get their name in the in the press.. Cant they do something productive for a change?

  • Les - 5 years ago

    A tribute? Wow you're a jackass

  • dibblesanddabbles - 5 years ago

    Seriously, here we go again. Does this guy not have anything else better to do with his time? It is a tribute to the Native Americans, not an insult. I'm so sick of, what happened to land of the free and home of the brave? Now it's land of the not so free and home of the whiners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse Wells - 5 years ago

    You're an asshole John. You're too ignorant to have an opinion. Redskins is a racial slur. Any Native American well tell you that. Go fuck yourself

  • Mark Wilson - 5 years ago

    HEY LAFFIN ATU that third grade education's workin out great. MORON!

  • Thomas Merton - 5 years ago

    Bob is an ignorant bigot who does not understand the vitriolic nature of the term redskins. How would he like the Washington spicks or coons, or chinks or nips or kikes or wops or.................................. BOB is a stooge.

  • jon - 5 years ago

    All of these names are used as symbols of pride. The Fighting Sioux, the Braves, the Redskins, etc. build up the Native Americans.

    These are not derogatory and political correctness run amok will eventually destroy American.

  • Laffin atu - 5 years ago

    Ya! Getting old! No such thing as Native American Indian, they're East Asian, this we know! It should be held to name right standard and no tribe named red skins as far as I know although I'm pretty sure who owns the trade mark and brand. Stop cryin you big babies!

  • Hung - 5 years ago


  • Gary - 5 years ago

    John, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. You're a fool and a coward. Bob, you really are a douche.

  • John - 5 years ago

    RG III is correct. Grosso should change his name to "I can't think of any real problems to address."

  • Jake Stevens - 5 years ago

    Bob, you are a pathetic waste of human life. I'm embarrassed for you. Douche bag.

  • Mackin - 5 years ago

    Bob, you're a ignorant dickwad.

    Don't be offended, it's just words.

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