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How painful was your stent (from 1 to 10)?

Posted 5 years.


  • Annie - 1 month ago

    I had my first kidney stone 3 weeks ago the pain was worst than labor pain!! Went to the ER where they told me my kidney stone was obstructing my kidney and. needed surgery to put a stent in ASAP. I was admitted to the hospital after because my kidney infection had spread to my blood. I was knocked out for the stent placement so didn't feel anything until the next day when they started making me get up to go to the bathroom! It was very painful to pee at first but as the days went by it got better. It could get uncomfortable at times and always felt like you had to pee all the time. They left my stent in for 3 weeks just had It removed. I haven't really felt much pain more of a sore feeling that can be annoying but nothing compared to having the stent put in. I was also knocked out for the removal so didn't feel anything which when I googled about the removal I heard mostly people being awake for it which made me nervous because I didn't want to feel a thing I had been thru enough pain and didn't want to go thru even more! Hope this helps anyone going thru the same experience.

  • Koren - 2 months ago

    About twenty years ago I had a large kidney stone that would move an inch then get stuck. This happened every two weeks for almost five months. Near the end I was placed in a hospital because they wanted to force it out of me. It didn't work. With the new year I found another urologist. He said since the stone was active from mid August, and still not passed, he would get it out the next day.

    The next morning he performed a ureteroscopy to catch and remove the stone. Afterwards, to protect the damage it had made to the ureter he placed a temporary stent in me. One he'd remove the next week. As for the stone, it was much bigger than it showed on flat x rays. Think of a dime, from the edge it's small and narrow, but from the front it's big and round - just like my stone. "You'd never been able to pass that" he told me.

    As for the Stent, it was bloody awful. First, they wouldn't let me leave the hospital until I peed. When I began putting pressure on my bladder to go, I could feel my urine go the other way, hitting my kidney. I saw stars. I tried again by biting my tongue. That pain overrode the Stent pain and I could go.

    For the next few days I hardly drank anything. I didn't want the pain back. But then I really had to go. That time I sat and before I beared down I took a big pinch of thigh flesh and squeezed as hard as I could. Once that pain was high, I could hear down and pee. The pinch pain overrode the backwash into the kidney pain.

    If you get a stent, especially a man, do this pain override bit. It helped me as I waited five days for them to remove the sucker.

  • Em - 5 months ago

    The pain/discomfort was a 2.

    The night before I was scheduled for surgery for my 4mm stone stuck at the bottom of my uterer, I was reading all of these comments about stents. I was mentally preparing myself for excruciating pain. My urologist even warned me that many people prefer to just live with a kidney stone for several days till it passes! But I knew I didn’t want to be a prisoner to this stone any longer. I had already had 2 ER visits, and it wasn’t budging. Hell, I was twerking and dancing around my hospital room like a deranged Amazonian jungle woman high on Ayuwaska! Jumping like a madwoman!

    Surgery went well. The stent was annoying, but not painful. Every time I had something to drink, I felt like I had to pee. I peed several times per day. The pee never felt complete. Sometimes I peed just a few drops. This was uncomfortable, but not painful. When the stent was removed, my uterer was really sore for about 20 minutes. It was so sore, I was cringing on the whole drive home. But then I was perfectly dandy.

    Hope this helps people who are trippin balls over getting a stent. They make them better now, I guess.

  • Kim - 7 months ago

    The stent caused me such pain and discomfort that I took 2 trips to the Emergency room. (4/16 6mm)
    First trip, day after the surgery, required a catheter and an ambulance ride to a hospital, where they ended up removing the catheter.
    Two days post surgery the pain came back and was severe, I removed the stent with doctor approval. Three hours later I was in the ER again with such intense cramping. Morphine did not help, but valium finally did. Ater that....all pain was gone.

    I will never allow a stent again, as I am now facing a 5mm and tentative surgery scheduled for 12/7/17 if it doesn't pass.

  • Claire - 7 months ago

    Had my 3rd episode of kidney stones in Oct 2017. MD did a ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy and placed a stent with a string. The stent was annoying but not really painful. Will say there was burning upon urination, but that was lessened if my bladder was full - so drink plenty. Stent was in place for 8 days. Was all worked up over the stent removal, and was given the option to remove it myself, but I went to MD's office. Didn't experience any pain - he asked me to take a deep breath, he pulled it out and it was done in about 5 seconds. All that worrying for nothing! I think my urine was a little pink for a few times afterwards, but I didn't experience any cramping or pain. After reading some of these unfortunate experiences, I wanted to share mine, as it wasn't horrendous and perhaps it will calm some people down. Good luck all!

  • Lisa - 8 months ago

    I had known for about 3 years I had a large stone in my right kidney only because of a scan for another matter not related. I saw the Urologist at Duke HospitalNC. He told me and my husband it was in a lower part of my right kidney and nothing to worry about because unless I stood on my head a lot it would not move! Wow, what a quack!! I have never had the pain of a stone or steint. I have had 13 back and neck surgeries due to 2 wrecks one which I was at a stop light and was hit from behind by a driver not paying attention, looking in the floorboard for something! I was knocked 250 feet thru a big intersection! This was about 3:30 am so there were not hardly any traffic thank God! I was on my way home from work when this happened and I could not feel my legs, luckily this happened in front of a 24 hour gas station that happened to know my husband and myself! They called 911 and I remember looking in my rear view mirror at a Mexican man that hit me, whom NEVER WALKED UP TO ME AND ASKED IF I WAS OK, DEAD OR ANYTHING! He was too busy running around his car going thru the floorboards, doing God knows what! Was taken by ambulance on the backboard and entire garb., to trama center about 3 miles away and I only lived a half a mile away! They exrayed me saw no broken back or neck and sent me out the door! My husband helped me into the house to the couch and when I woke up I was in excruciating pain! This called for 4 or 5 back surgeries! That was 93! Then in 2003 I was again on my way home from work at 3:00, but we had moved to the country by then, my husband was behind me and all of a sudden a car passed me flashing his lights and the next thing I remember I was on the side of the road and I was doing about 55 to 60mph and I looked and had been hit by my airbag and the front end of a Durango that was only 2 months old was gone!! There was nothing in front of me and all I could think besides shock was with did I hit? There were 2 MULES that I found out got out all the time, and one ran right out in front of me and it centered my front end! It was behind my vehicle and all of a sudden, I heard that God awful noise the make but magnified by pain!! I was stuck In my Durango due to seatbelt locks and airbags and cuts and burns! That’s what the man was flashing his lights at me for! I thought when I realized what happened , well, I have died and gone to hell!! My husband being a city boy knew nothing about what to do about me it screaming mule! When highway patrol showed up, he did not check on me first nor did I have any warning of what came next! All of a sudden I hear gunshot right behind my car, no warning so I was horrified, but he was trying to kill the mule and put him out of his misery, but he did not have a clue where to shoot a mule so he had to shoot 2 more times!! I was hysterical by then because I am any kind of animal lover and it broke my heart! Then he comes to check on me as my husband was psycho by then seeing all of this and my health! The officer got me out and put me in his car and we ended up just going home because it was literally less than a half a mile away!! The cop a Samaritan followed the other mule as it ran home , 2 miles away only to go right back in a fence that was broken down everywhere!! That’s how I found out thru them and neighbors that knew they got out all the time! Thank God their home owners ended up paying all vehicle, medical bills and 50,000! But then I ended up having the other many spinal surgeries! I had also had two children, one normal childbirth for 26 hours and the last 12 hours on potocyn and the damn epidural only took in my right leg! The second was emergency c-estion and premier at 34 weeks where the idiot dr. And intern whom I had never seen before tied not only my tubes like I asked but also sewed part of my tubes to my lower intestines!! All this is describing just some of the Good awful pain I have experienced and have to take pain meds and several other meds ever since my back s

  • Rob - 1 year ago

    OUCH! Get used to saying that -- and worse -- with a stent. Of course, pain is subjective and differs from person to person, so I can only share my own experience, which is: 6 mm stone removed by laser; stent goes in; urologist admits there "probably" will be pain but does not prescribe nearly enough (or right kind) of pain meds to minimize pain. Released from hospital, despite intense pain while "test pee" into cup at hospital. Get home, pee and pain IN KIDNEY AREA is an 11 on scale of 1-10. Spinal Tap guys would love it ????. The kidney spasming is so bad that by the 3rd time I had to pee I began to tear up, knowing what was coming. Finally, returned to ER, where a nurse took me aside and set me up with proper pain meds (after ripping urologist for withholding pain info). Pain immediately became more manageable. So, my advice: 1. If you can pass stone without stent, DO IT. But I realize it is catch-22 because stone pain is no picnic. Maybe set a time (48 hrs?) to pass it then have surgery if not; 2. DEMAND EFFECTIVE MEDS before leaving hospital. Stronger the better; 3. Get stent removed ASAP. For me that was 4 days after surgery. The removal is no fun, but the pain (about an 8) lasted only 3-4 seconds. Hope this helps. Prayers for anyone currently going through it.

  • Alex - 1 year ago

    Two stents placed in October 2016. Doctor should have been honest that with stents you really do not have a life. I was told the pain would get better. Every 10 days I was in the ER getting morphine drips with antibiotics. I have had three operations since October and last week I was told the stones were out and new stents were put in. This past week I couldn't take the pain anymore and had to go into the ER again. CT scan was done to find more stones developed due to the stents. Constant infections and these stents are coming out. I will not keep them in my body any longer. Have not been able to work since October, pain is constant, infections have been constant. I am glad to have found this site to read about other peoples experiences. No one should have to go through this kind of pain

  • Robert Hill - 2 years ago

    I had a stent placed after ureteroscopy on September 8th 2016. Mostly never felt it's presence, a few occasional jabs when working out. The need to urinate was probably the worst part of having it. I was on general anesthesia when he removed it, as he was trying for a second time to get the stone broken up. He was not successful, and I now have a second stent in place. This one has the strings hanging out of my penis, and they are the worst thing imaginable. For us men anyhow, sometimes our penis has spontaneous erections while we are sleeping. If the strings are not lined up, in a straight line with the penis when this happens, you will wake up! YOUCH! Feels like bees stinging you in the urethra. Horrible I tell you, just horrible, I hope t his all ends soon, because it's messing my life up in ways that make me wish I don't wake up tomorrow.

  • Em - 2 years ago

    I had a stent placed after lithotripsy to break up a 9mm stone that had been camping out in my ureter. I didn't really feel the stent itself, HOWEVER, having to pee every 10-15 minutes, plus the burning that accompanied it, was awful. I was told to drink A LOT of water, which I did, and I did notice that it was less uncomfortable during the day when I was drinking regularly than at night when i was half-sleeping. Removal was done in the doctor's office and was quick and painless. Not a happy experience, but much better than the grinding waves of pain that came from the stone itself.

    Will be having PCNL next week to evict a 24mm stone still in residence, and hoping there will be no need for another stent.

  • judi - 2 years ago

    I had a 2cm stone in my R ureter and one just coming out of the kidney also on the R. They were removed and a stent was put in each of my ureters (I have 2 on the R). I had the stents out 9 days ago and it HURT very much (about a 7 on the pain scale). It got a little better, but now I feel some pain like I have another stone on the R- its a throbbing aching pain and is almost always present. I will not be surprised if there IS another stone there when I see the Doc on Monday and he does another cysto. This pain is terrible to have!

  • Kandi - 2 years ago

    *Stent stays in

  • Kandi - 2 years ago

    I'm so relieved to see I'm not alone with this pain I'm experiencing with this stent! I had a 2 cm stone that was lasered a week ago. I was told the stent could come out yesterday and I couldn't have been more ready to have it taken out! Unfortunately the Dr. feels that some of the fragments left behind are still too big to pass without obstruction so I have another procedure I'll have to endure to "wash" the rest of the stone out. Needless to say, the stone stays in until then. I'm a hairstylist so I'm on my feet all day and the pressure on my bladder is excrusiating!
    The painkillers don't seem to do a thing! But to get through the day I don't want to be put on anything too strong either,
    Counting down the days until I can put this behind me!!

  • Sheri - 2 years ago

    I just pulled out my temporary stent at 6pm tonight.
    I had a kidney stone logged in my Uretha. After going to the ER numerous times for pains in the top of my stomach. The pains would come on without warning and at the worse times. This had gone on for the last 4-5 years. I had my Gall Bladder taken out because they said it was what was causing the pains. I had my appendix taken out in 1996 so they knew it wasn't my appendix. I was out on all kinds of medications. I was admitted to the hospital at one point due to the Doctor saying I had an Infection in my Intestines. They ran a tube down into my stomach & they had it drain for 2 days. But always the pains would come back without warning. This last time I had gone to the ER for a migraine. They gave me my usual shots for my migraines & in a few days I got up & my migraine was gone. But the top of my stomach got a terrible pain in it, like the usual pain that I would get that doubled me over. I tried my usual, Tums, Xantac, Pepto., cold milk, Milk Of Magnesium (thinking it could be gas), finally by 3:30 in the morning I had my Husband take me to ER. They gave me pain shots in my IV & done a Cat Scan on me & they found nothing. The pain shots weren't working but for about 10 min.'s so I asked if they could stop giving me the shits & give me the drink they have given me once before & it stopped the pain immediately. I made an appointment with my Gastro. & he ordered an upper GI. Again they found nothing. A few days later I woke up with a pain on my lower left part of my stomach completely different from the usual upper stomach pain. Again I went to ER & they started giving me the pain shots again. My usual Dr. that is usually in ER, Dr. Kendal came in at shift change & seen my name & came to my room. I told him the pain was in a completely different spot, but nothing was stopping it. He looked at the Cat Scan that they had done in me the time before & took another one & seen I had a kidney stone logged. He sent my paper work to the surgery hospital & they took me right in & put a stent so the urine could pass around the stone & put me on antibiotics for 10 days. He said he couldn't laser the kidney stone due to the Infection. The pain was everyday. I couldn't hold my urine & I felt like I had to go all the time, that was because of the Stent. Finally he went in & lasered the Stone & put in a temporary Stent that has a string that he said I would remove it myself in 2 days. I Googled people that had taken their own Stent out & most the people that said it was the worse pain they ever had were men. I noticed the women said it hurt a little, some said, it hurt bad, but some didn't feel anything. They said sone passed out, some the stent got stuck halfway out & they had to go to ER & have it removed. So I was scared wondering if I would have trouble. I waited till my Husband got home today & as others said, I took a pain pill & a Spasm pill that the Dr.'s had given me about an hour before I went to take it out. My stomach cramped the whole time it was in so I thought if I wanted the cramping to stop, I'd have to do it. I did & it came out smooth and yes it did hurt, but about the same pain as having a UTI & hurting went you urinate. I was SO HAPPY I GOT IT OUT!! It only bled once after I pulled it out & just pink urine the next time. I cramped for about 2 hrs. & now I'm fine. I took my UTI meds to make sure I don't get another infection. So it wasn't that bad. I'm a person that can't handle any kind of pain also. And after reading MANY horrible stories I was scared to pull it out myself. So if you get a temporary Stent put in your Uretha & the Dr. tells you you have to take it out yourself, if your a male, I would probably have your Dr. do it, but I will do it again if I have to. I plan on drinking a lot of water so I don't ever get any kidney stones again. I'm just so happy to not have this doubling over pain come at the worse times.:)

  • Marc - 3 years ago

    My story is a little different. I have had 2 lithotripsys to break up a 13mm stone. After the first go round I wondered if I would ever see normal urine again. Constant blood for the entire 3 weeks between the operations. I was deeply concerned but was told it was normal. The worst part about the stent was that it somehow caused a bladder spasm every time I urinated and so I would go to the bathroom to urinate and about 30 seconds later have to sit down. But after the second go round I had very little discoloration and no urges anymore. I also began passing a lot more fragments. Unfortunately not enough. My Urologist wants to give it a little more time to decide if the stone will continue to fragment I guess. I see him in 3 weeks in January when my lousy high copay plan begins again. At the end of the day I gave my pain a 2 on the voting. I wanted to make a comment here to let people know that there are some people that are not terribly bothered by the stent. I am scared to death of the removal process though. And finally, I sure hate not knowing the outcome at this point.

  • Scott Emmonds - 3 years ago

    Ureter Stents:
    I'm a 49 year old male, with a history of calcium oxalate stones... My first experience, came when I was 22-23 years old... The experience of seeing my urine coming out with the color of "Southern Sweet Tea" was terribly troubling, and thus I scheduled my original appt. with a urologist... I was given the standard "Kidney Stone Patient" package of: a screening tool, Antibiotics, and pain medication... My "Karma" was aligned with the stars, and mildly painful as it passed on its own... The minor inconvenience caused by this event, was quickly forgotten and I was able to enjoy the remainder of our Family Reunion/Vacation; circa 1987... My story can be picked up, in Aug. of 2014, during pre-op. testing for surgery a 6mm. Stone was discovered... This information wasn't given the proper sense of urgency it deserved... The lack of care, treatment, & results of this has caused severe damage to the kidney... So, a stent was placed into the kidney, with the hope of returning life and function to the kidney... The worst pain & discomfort that I have experienced in my fifty years...!!!

  • Kurt Crowley - 3 years ago

    Obviously I had the burning sensation the first three days or so, along with pressure in kidney area at end of urination - the fragments from the stones came out during first five days.

    After that just some minor burning at end of urinating.

    I ranked it a '6', compared to a summer with a 11mm stone, not that bad. Also fortunate enough to return to work next day, used evenings and weekends to convalesce.

  • Mary Ann Miller - 3 years ago

    This is day 5 after stent removal. This pain still is horrible. I wonder how long this is going to last.

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    I had two stones removed last fall and a stent placed and got the same story from the urologist - "it can be uncomfortable". Apparently the urologist has never had a stent. It was horrible. I got lucky and it folded in 1/2 and started to fall out so I pulled it out. One hour later the worst kidney spasm - it was worse than labor, I was nearly on the floor in pain. Made a quickie nurse remedy (grateful I am one) - facecloth soaked and wrung out, microwave for 3 minutes and wrap in a towel - apply - pain gone in 10 minutes or less and I was so much better. I started with some mild flank pain yesterday into today and am drinking tons....I have had a 2mm one there since last fall, it was checked in April and still there. However - if I ever need that procedure again there will NOT be any stent. I don't care what they say. They all need to experience it so they know how awful it really it.

  • Maria - 3 years ago

    I had my stone lodged in my urethra and wouldn't pass so my urologist had to laser it a do a cytoscopy and remove my stone than placed a urethral stent to collectect any remaining pieces of the stones left behind...if any just a precaution and she told me their might be a minimal discomfort to none. Well she did this procedure on a Friday and the pain was unbearable and I was on pain medication that I had to constantly be on if not the pain would continue so I had to return by Tuesday morning to have it removed but by than I couldn't bare the pain anymore so by Sunday evening I took it upon my self and removed it. Thank God it was the kind that had a string attached to it, although after removing it the pain was unbearable which I'm sure it would have been the same as in the Doctors office but I wasn't about to wait to find out so took my pain medication and antibiotics and waiting for my appointment on Tuesday :)

  • rm - 3 years ago

    i had stent put in 4 weeks ago i been in so much pain i would advise no one to have it put it very painful does not help me abit

  • Kay - 3 years ago

    Ive got a stent in right now to help kidney stones that have been broken up pass! I can honestly say its the worse pain ive ever felt! Im ment to have it in for 2weeks but i can not cope so im having it out after 5days & that is tourture! Dr told me a stent would cause abit of pain! Ridiculous its worse than child birth & kidney stones! When having a wee the shooting agony pain that goes through kidney is just unbearable :(

  • Wendy - 3 years ago

    After reading all these stories I was relieved that it wasn't just me who was going through 'child-birth pain' after having a stent fitted and that I was not the only one thinking something else was wrong with me. I really think that medical staff should be made more aware of the pain and problems having a stent can cause some people and to warn you about what was/may happen with a stent. Some of the many types of painkillers that I am taking do not work at all. Some of the doctors think you are just making a 'bit of a fuss', well I went through real child-birth twice with no painkillers as I have quite a high pain threshold - and when I say none, I mean zero - no injections; no gas and air and that pain was nothing compared to the 'stent' pain I am still experiencing now! I can't wait for it to be taken out in 7 days time. Good luck everyone and yes drinking lots of water does help a bit.

  • Renn - 3 years ago

    Shut up Elisa!

  • Chris - 4 years ago

    The stent was uncomfortable and painful on urination. If you an avoid it do. I am a male so it may be different for females.

  • Frank - 4 years ago

    Very painful on initial insertion for about 3 days. Then slightly uncomfortable and irritating during an active day. Relief after removal - removal left tenderness for few days - Advil worked fine for discomfort during and after.

  • Anna - 4 years ago

    I had a 5mm stone removed from my ureter after it had become stuck. Stone was removed successfully and a stent put in place. I felt ok immediately after surgery, but the next 2/3 days were hell on earth. I was kept in for monitoring. Agonising torture every time I moved, stood, sat etc. I felt like the doctors didn't believe me when I told them how much pain and discomfort I was experiencing. My consultant offered to remove the stent, I agreed. The procedure was relatively straight forward and painless and I was discharged from hospital immediately. However within a matter of hours I was in agony writhing around the floor, pacing up and down, crying and screaming, not knowing how to cope with this most unbearable pain. The on-call doctor came to me at 5am and gave me a morphine injection. This relieved the pain, then my own gp diagnosed a kidney infection later on that day. I feel really let down by my stone removal surgery. I thought I would feel better after it, not worse! I am taking loads of medication now to control my pain, and I am expecting to have to take another full week off work. Why was nobody honest with me regarding the reality of this type of surgery, the pain and the recovery rate.? Unfortunately I still have more stones in both kidneys, so this is not the end of my saga......

  • Wayne - 4 years ago

    Had a uteroscopy for a large stone that had been lodged for almost two years. My fault for blowing off the back pain and constant urge to pee at night. Had stent in for two weeks after the surgery. The pain was temporary, although intense, what hurt was when the Dr. Missed grabbing the stent tip and pinched the wall of my bladder. That's the pain I recall. With the stent I thought I was bleeding excessively but was assured that that was normal and I was to rest completely for two weeks. That was the key to reduced pain while carrying the stent. My stones reoccur about every 8 years. Not fun but the Dr. Assured me stones wouldn't kill me............all I can say is a lodged stone is a real pain. Be ready for lots of blood.

  • Greta - 4 years ago

    After being diagnosed with chronic pyelonephritis of my left ureter, I had to have a stent put in place. I was unable to pass even a 2mm stone because the ureter never developed fully since birth on that side. After almost a week in the hospital with uncontrollable fever, pain and infection because of the blockage, I was ready for some relief. Other than some pain and burning around my urethral meatus for a few days after the procedure, I felt no discomfort from the placement of the kidney stent itself. I feel so bad for all these people whose bodies did not accept the stent well and caused pain and irritation. :(

  • Monerah Davids - 4 years ago

    I have a kidney stent in for a month now. my operation is only in november . i am unhappy and in pain everyday of my life. i went to the er as ask if they could remove the stent and the dr said no. so i have to walk with this stent for another three months. i can not take it anymore. i am on flomax and dithrophan but it doesnt seems to help. is there other advice to help me with the pain and discomfort.

  • Tammy - 4 years ago

    I was diagnosed with a 8mm kidney stone 3 weeks ago. I had a stent put in place 2 weeks ago. The doctor told me it might be a bit uncomfortable but I would still be able to work without much discomfort. WRONG!!!1 It is very uncomfortable and I have to pee at least 35-45 times a day. I am scheduled to have the lithotripsy surgery and stent removal surgery next week. They told me to take the next day off of work and I would be fine after about 24-48 hours. I am so scared since they said that I would be ok after the stent was placed and I wasnt. Im scared keep taking pain killers.

  • Beth - 4 years ago

    Just had second lithotripsy, first time with stent. The nurse told me not to listen to the "horror stories" out there about stents and should be just mild discomfort. I'm sure some people can handle srents with minimal problems, but after I woke up from litho, I felt the worst pain I've ever felt in my life ( I would've rather straight out passed the fragments (1cm stone, btw). I am still in excruciating pain every time I urinate and for at least 10-20 mins afterwards. I know they say lots of fluids , but I'm terrified of the pain I'll feel. I read a post that said the more fluids they drank the less it hurt, so I'll continue fluid intake, but this is barbaric! I will never again let them put a ureteral stent in place, unless its life threatning. My one saving grace is that with the med that makes your pee turn orange (can't remember name, sorry), feeling of urgency isn't too bad and for the 20-40 mins after I've urinated I have some degree of pain relief (down to a 6 or so). And thank goodness for Zofran (antinausea med). I also heard the dr say upon awakening from litho, that I had much more bleeding than usual (didn't get a chance to talk to him about it because he never talked to me or my mother after procedure (a bit irritating). I have pretty bad endometriosis which has previously been found in my intestines as well as normal places, can't help but wonder if the stent is worse (or bleeding) because of possible lesions in ureteral walls or bladder. I'm going keep drinking sleep as much as possible (difficult I know) try to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best. My heart goes out to all you fellow sufferers and best wishes to you all!


  • Karasel - 4 years ago

    I have stents placed about every two years or so (I make large cysteine stones consistently). When I had my first stent, it was very, very painful. But by the time the stent was removed, I discovered that if I kept my bladder mostly full, i.e. drinking LOTS of water, that I didn't even feel it there. I have used this trick with every stent since, and it works for me. So my advice is to just keep drinking!

  • Krista - 4 years ago

    19 weeks pregnant and just had a stent put in 2 days ago. I have called both my urologist and ob crying and expressing how much pain and discomfort I am in... Basically they say it can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks! Take my Percocet, which does nothing, and wait for my body to adjust to the stent. HA! I can hardly walk without cramping up. Can't sleep for more than one to two hours at a time, sometimes I just fall asleep in the bathroom so I don't have to keep getting up! When they mentioned the stent as a good option to relieve the kidney stones I was never told how debilitating the pain would be from the procedure and stent placement. At least the kidney stone pain was treatable with the Percocet; this pain doesn't seem to go away with any meds. So exhausted, upset, and annoyed. Just hope my body adjusts sooner rather than later.

  • sherry - 4 years ago

    just got released from veing hosp two days still in sewveree pain im up all night hurts wgen i pee hurts when i pee wgen i walk im just miserable doctor said it didnt matter cause their was people who were worse then me who needed the bed

  • christine d crawford - 4 years ago


  • christine d crawford - 4 years ago


  • MaryBeth - 4 years ago

    The majority of these comments are my feelings on the surgery too. My experience started after I had my daughter 8/2014 in which I was under the impression it was a kidney infection, which eventually kept coming back as soon as I finished my antibiotics. Little did I know, on 2/25/14 Found out I had a 2mm & a 4mm stone causing obstruction, along with hydronephrosis (Backed up urine(more like backed up infection to me) -- from my understanding). The ER doc & urologist both said my kidney/ureter was 10x the normal size due to the obstruction.

    Originally scheduled my litho for 3/12/14, but when I called in for a refill of pain meds due to my stones, they offered to move me up to to 3/6/14. I had other obligations which discouraged me from taking that offer, yet on 3/5/14 I was in horrendous pain that I asked them to move my appt to 3/6/14.
    I went in on 3/6 for the surgery, coming out of the anesthesia I was shivering uncontrollably, sweating, fevered, and in such intense pain which resulted in me losing consciousness. Dr. told me that he couldn't see the stones, although my kidney was full of pus, which also could have obstructed his view of them. They decided to keep me for 2 days, ICU AHHH.

    I would literally rather deliver more children without any pain meds, then to have to do any of that again. Morphine did not help AT ALL, after 20 mins still no relief of the pain until they loaded me up with dilaudid which instantly eased the pain and the nurse told me it is like 7x's morphine :-O!

    I agree with those who commented below me, They should make you very aware that there is a possibility that you will be in excruciating pain if you have a stent placed, and that it will not be able to function without pain killers for at least the 1st 3 or 4 days!. I will finally have my stent removed on 3/17/14 and hoping for a successful removal . I wish everyone luck with their stents/stones and hope for the best.

  • Bill Berebitsky - 4 years ago

    Had stones blasted 30 years ago, then again 24 years ago. No problems, sore for a couple of days but that was all. So in January they show up again. But now modern medicine has something new called a stent. First one side for two weeks then the other side for three weeks. After THREE procedures plus two visits to the ER they now say it will come out on 3/20. This is by far the most painful experience of my 74 years. The only thing that helped was a morphine IV drip. Nothing else helped at all.

  • Lauren - 5 years ago

    I had a stone that caused a back up, swollen kidney and infection (I ended up with a UTI on top of it, which I think came first). After having a bigger stent put in, I was miserable, but was in the hospital for a couple days due to the infection and 103 degree fever. Once I went home (college student, parents had to drive several hours due to the pain killers to bring me home home), I had the bigger stent removed and a smaller one with a string put in due to the irritation of the camera and removal of the previous stent(seems I passed the stone in the meantime). I have had stones before, and I have felt pain, but never, ever, like this. If 10 is the worst pain a person could feel ever, without trying to be funny, I would rate it a 16. Both my parents work as nurses (ER and OR) and even with percocet, pyridium, toradol (via shot) and advil/tylonel (only when others wore off and of course nothing that would hurt the liver or overdose) I was in constant and unbearable pain. I have never screamed or cried or begged like this a moment ever in my life, nor do I believe in any other circumstance that I would. I thrashed in pain, shaking from the overbearing sensations and spasms that normal medicine could not even touch. I couldn't keep anything down and was constantly vomiting. Although the pyridium does turn urine that orange color, it was clear that there was plenty of blood as well since it was very red. The doctors seem to look at me like I am begging for pain medicine or that it is impossible for me to feel this pain. Narcotics didn't even seem to do anything and the only relief I had was from the toradol. If I ever have to have anything like this done, I will stay in a hospital after the procedure.

  • Jenny - 5 years ago

    I was told I could go back to work three days after the removal of my kidney stones and the stent inserted. there was no way. I missed three and half days. Going back to a physical job was awful, I ended up going home early after I did go back. The dr. should give a person a warning that they may not be able to work after this so they are prepared just in case. Twelve days of feeling urgency, cramps, back pain and burning. It was like I was going through torture. The dr. would not prescribe anything but antibiotics, flomax, the med similar to Azo only prescription and Percocet. When they removed the stent it felt like there was some very sore areas. If you have to go through this there should be some kind of meds that can keep you from having bladder spasms or they should warn you that you may need to miss work. My dr. told me after he took the stent out that my urinary tract was very tight and he wondered if the stent help my urine flow better. ha ha. Not really. Apparently he has never had a stent or it didn't bother him the way it did me.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Felt like it was cutting me with a knife. Worst pain ever. blood all the time in urine. Could hardly walk. Just plain torture. Its sad

  • Sarah Painter - 5 years ago

    I went to a deep dark emotional and mental place with the pain I felt post op day 1 and 2. I'm talking about the kind of pain one may never feel in his/her lifetime. Really changed me. The meds helped a TINY bit. If I ever had to have another lithotripsy and ureteral stent again, I will INSIST on staying the 1st snd 2nd night in the hospital so I can be pumped full of IV meds.
    Brutal is an understatement to describe the stent.

  • Jean - 5 years ago

    I also have IC (interstitial Cystitis - an inflammatory bladder disease) so after the insertion of a stent for one of my first kidney stones, I ended up behing hospitalized with my urinary tract in spasms.

  • Katrina - 5 years ago

    I would rather go through labour all 3 times over again without painkillers ad it would still be better then this pain that goes on for months. Also to have Dr's tell me I shouldn't be in any pain is an insult

  • Elisa - 5 years ago

    Para mi ha sido MUY DOLOROSO a pesar que el doctor dice que no debe doler. Llevo mas de tres semanas con el stent puesto y sueno con el momento que me lo quiten.

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