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What did you think of the Scandal Season Finale - "White Hat's Back On"? (Poll Closed)

  • Bravo!

  • Boo!

  • Eh, I'll live.

Posted 5 years.


  • mycomment - 5 years ago

    I agree w/ "sicelo zwelakhe" comment...squandered opportunity. I wanted Scandal to be bold and push forward the storyline of a politician who wants to govern minus his/her sham marriage. Fitz and Mellie's marriage is an epic failure and the storyline is depressing as hell to watch. It's not entertaining. Also, Fitz and Olivia breaking up again--unless it's an act to fool the people watching them--has turned me off the show. They're not believable anymore because it's clear Olivia does NOT seriously want to be with Fitz despite being in love with him.

  • sicelo zwelakhe - 5 years ago

    SR squandered an opportunity that comes once in a blue moon:to challenge our obsession with facade; to hold each other and our leaders to unrealistic standards and thereby dehumanise them and each other.God, I hate soap dramas and for the last 9 episodes I held a fragile hope that she would not destroy the idea of Scandal.But alas, I was wrong.It would appear the tried and tired method of GA and PP - which stopped me watching because of this very nonsensical ping-pong style that test the patience and credulity of even the most devoted - is to be afflicted on the Scandal storyline.Hey, like you said Shonda this is your creation. This is not disputed. But some of us who have been rooting for you had hoped that you would have matured -from a literary point of view - given the time that has elapsed between the beginning of GA and Scandal.

    It's a damn shame, what you did though!!!

  • Renee - 5 years ago

    I think last night's finale was a great reality check for me. I was totally obsessed with Scandal and Olitz this season and spent a great deal of time watching and rewatching both season one and season two episodes, reading about the show and the cast, etc. But now I am all over that and can look forward to a summer and a mindset that's fairly Scandal free, Thank God! I wasn't at all expecting Olitz to go off into the sunset together in the season finale, but I wasn't expecting character assassination either. But neither Fitz nor Olivia came off very well by the end of the night -- most especially "my" Fitz. Truly, I don't think I will be able to ever wipe from my memory the sight of him on his knees crawling back to Mellie. Even if, as some speculate, it was part of some grand plan that he or he and Olivia put together in their efforts to win a second term for Fitz, it was still an appalling sight to see him so emasculated, particularly after seeing the Fitz who emerged in episodes 220 and 221. That scene still could have been effective without that humiliating image. And I didn't know what I was supposed to make of Olivia and her behavior. And that plot turn of the sudden appearance of her father? I didn't even care since folks had been speculating he was her dad for weeks now. But it was really the destruction of Fitz that most offended me. (Though I still love Tony Goldwyn). In any case, I will finally be able to get to read some of the books that have been piling up at my bedside. :-(

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