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What do you think will be the biggest obstacle to having BW on Hana in Cloud

Posted 4 years.

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  • Gopal Ramamurthi - 4 years ago

    Hi Vijay,
    Thanks for sharing your interesting view regarding BWoH in Cloud. I know that Industry heading in that direction, so it is a good concept for sure. But I am not sure, if I would recommend this to Shure Inc. due to following reasons,
    1. ROI Justification
    2. Security
    3. Technical Difficulties - ETL into Cloud, Unknown Issues

    If the pricing is very cheap, it will make my job little bit easier to try this new concept in one of my projects, where I can show a cost comparison between Cloud vs On Premise implementation of a brand new Datamart and the cost being cheaper or same for BWoH in Cloud, with all the additional benefits of BWoH/CLOUD.

    Gopal Ramamurthi

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