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What Tech Policy Would Have The Biggest Economic Impact?

Posted 9 years.


  • Josh - 9 years ago

    Renewable energy is the only thing that *might* allow us to continue economic growth while mitigating climate change, so there might be some demand for it. If the renewable energy industry ends up being 1/10th the size of the non-renewable energy industry, it will have many times that economic impact of anything else on this list.

  • Al - 9 years ago

    Personally I am very suspicious of this poll

  • SH - 9 years ago

    -reduce our dependence on foreign brainpower by improving math and science education in the schools
    -eliminate mandates for 10 person companies (or less) to buy health insurance
    -eliminate/prosecute or tax spammers and phishers out of business
    -give investors (VC's) tax breaks for investing in US based companies
    -eliminate sales tax on business software and services
    -allow the creation of health associations or cooperatives where a group of people can buy health insurance for themselves at group rates

  • Nancy Kramer - 9 years ago

    Broadband Bigot definitely has the right idea. Lots of bandwidth would facilitate telecommuting which would help the environment and probably people's family lives too. I live in the Washington DC metro area and read that 50 percent of our work force are knowledge workers. If most of them would telecommute whcih I'm sure they could do most of our traffic problems would vanish. It would also facilitate government continuity in case of a terrorist attack. OK I'm from DC and we worry about that kind of thing here.

  • Adwait Ullal - 9 years ago

    I would advocate a visa system where the employees are not indentured to an employer for the duration of the visa.

    If the US is a free market economy, perhaps a sponsor is needed for an initial six months or a year to recoup the investment but after that period, the visa holder should be free to seek employment on the open market, without restrictions. If the sponsor can counter-offer, so be it otherwise it can always bring in additional personnel.

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Nice choices. How about portability of health care plans for young start-up ninjas? Capital gains taxation reform? How about the host of what are fundamentally small-business issues?

    Renewable energy? are you serious? Laudable, to be sure we need lots of energy - but tied to economic impact in tech?

    (note, have plenty of clients all across these issues, but these are my opinions)

  • HB1 Joke - 9 years ago

    You must be kidding. Any time Bill Gates testifies to Congress, you know something must be wrong. The HB1 issues is a complete hoax. We don't need immigrants to fill our technical jobs any more than we need an Austrian weighlifter to be President. There are plenty of capable Americans. Moreover, the problem is not immigration. The problem is American education. It is run basically by the labor union idiots for the teaching "profession". What we need to do is import instructional methods that are used in Japan, Russia, Korea and India. These places and a lot more produce people with intelligence, including doctors and engineers of all kinds. The Bush policy of "no child left behind" is actually "no child gets ahead". We need educational reform in the United States, not a new education policy.

  • Broadband Bigot - 9 years ago

    This is an incredibly unenlightened Poll. The biggest issue should be broadband infrastructure. We wouldn't have 90% of the problems we have today, if the US had a broadband infrastructure that supported teleworking and other energy efficient forms of communications.

    America is becoming a technological backwater. The whole notion of transporting people daily to school and work in gas guzzling 1 ton shells of metal is simply ridiculous. Future generations will regard us as idiots.

    If we spent one fourth on broadband as we do on war, we wouldn't need foreign oil.

    The US needs a broadband initiative. That initiative should encourage tax incentives for teleworking. Build more fiber, not more highways.

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Positive impact or negative impact? Bit confused there.

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