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Who's Lying?

Posted 5 years.


  • John - 5 years ago

    Shame on you Shelly.

  • tony - 5 years ago

    I've ordered a bible from Danielle. that's clearly her bible. stop the lies give her some credit.

  • Kathleen - 5 years ago

    I am astonished that another business women, who claims to be God-fearing, would have the audacity to STEAL!!! I purchased this bible from Danielle in April 2011 for my daughter's First Holy Communion, and I have the pictures to prove it. I then purchased an additional bible for my niece's Communion in April 2012. This is clearly a Glitz and Glmr product, and claiming the alternative is a blatant LIE! Glitz and Glmr has had this product available for purchase for many years. My hope is that Danielle retains legal representation. Talk about selling your soul to the devil for a couple of extra bucks! Shameful!!

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    That is Danielle's bible!

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    That is Danielle's bible!

  • gingie - 5 years ago

    danielle sure came out and said she has reciepts of order .....shelly wheres urs and funny thing is if that was shellys why did alexis order 2????? hmmm sounds funny to me....god people really have to lie about that

  • Briana - 5 years ago

    Danielle stated that she has the receipt, which is proof. Of course Alexis is going to cover for Shelly..Shelly does everything else for her. But clearly Alexis thinks Danielle's bible was more beautiful, after all..she did buy it;)

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