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Are You Excited That L.A. Hair Will Be Back?

Posted 5 years.


  • freedom - 4 years ago

    You all did China wrong. Nobody should be forced to work with anyone they don't want to. Everyone is not going to get along. Forget Angela. Angela can fall out. Kim Kimble work on yourself and lose some fat. It isn't good for your heart and you aren't trying to do nothing. You can't make no one like somebody. This is a free world. Somebody shut that skinny fag down and fat fag stop adding to the problems. You need to cancel this messy gay show down. Dumb fat chick gets rich off of dumb gays. There's another show for you. Not a fan.

  • Yaya - 4 years ago

    I agree, Angela better come back bcuz seriously, I'm not interested if she's not included as a cast member. Kim simply doesn't like Angela bcuz Angela from get go did some real unprofessional things and you just can't do that to your boss.
    On another note, the fatty short woman who looks like a toad, needs to be canned, she doesn't bring anything to the show and poor thing isn't the cutest thing to look at, bless her little heart.
    I like China, I need her to keep it real though. The other two lovely men are fine, I like them. The gay guy, I like him too, he makes me laugh. The new barber woman is ratchet. I don't care for and the manner she approached at first entrance-Can her asap! Kim and sister are alright. I've just watched a few episodes here & there, but, i'll add this show to my favorites list if Angela returns.

  • Jjaamo - 4 years ago

    I find it hilarious that people are saying Angela shouldnt come back becaue she's "ghettofied" while China is COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL majority the time and more often than Angela. Dante has a drinking problem, WHILE ON THE JOB. but ANGELA is the problem, right?

    Dont get me wrong, Angela was unprofessional in a few situations, attendance & client loyalty issues, BUT China was rude TO A CELEBRITY, ON CAMERA! yet who gets fired? 3 employees come in drunk and ONE person gets in trouble? Kim CLEARLY had a vendetta against Angela and it was honestly ridiculous.

    If Angela is not a part of this season, (and im not talking 1 episode where Kim is being shady toward her, I mean regular recurring cast member) I'm not watching. My tv roster is already a bit large for my liking. It's absolutely no skin off my back to drop this show. I really hope WE TV reads this.

  • Jalysia - 4 years ago

    Regardless of how anyone feels I personally believe that Angela was pushed out and their were people hating on her. So with that being said after she was fired I said wasn't going to watch the show anymore and if she isn't coming back I have no plans on watching this season.

  • Alicia Austin - 4 years ago

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Kim Kimble is one of the reasons why I got into the business. Love it :)

  • Miss Rose - 4 years ago

    When is the show coming back. I'm waiting...

  • MRZ. Lane show - 5 years ago

    Angela NEEDS to be brought back; because SHe was the purpose of WHY most of US watched. Not to take anything away from MS. KIM because SHe's GREAT as well; BUT......... When I first began watching the show I was caught up in what I can learn from this GREAT STYLIST(KIM) but once I found out that I WON"T BE learning new hair tricks I excepted for what it was ANOTHER REALITY SHOW. A MONEY MAKER!!!! so with this said bring ANGELA BACK

  • wilie gilbert - 5 years ago

    plz let angela come back ill watch the show either way but really love her if anyone needs to go its ms.bad attitude n mr. messy

  • Moneek - 5 years ago

    I pray that Angela does not come back. Look, this show is called LA Hair and should be focused on the variety of styles LA has to provide, not ghettofied, unprofessional status climbing antics....I can step into any 'round the way' salon for that mess....

    Speaking as a professional in this industry, I hope the show can highlight the different challenges clients bring to salons and how real professionals deal with them..(late minute hairdo's with crazy deadlines, hair horror stories turned into fabulous coiff creations, etc...

    The episode that had Kim's team giving back by helping Chaka Khan's foundation was a wonderful episode, as was the episode with Vivica Fox not having her hair needs met...

  • lee - 5 years ago

    i hope angela come back. i hope she open up a shop next door.

  • sarah harrell - 5 years ago

    Your show is Excellent . If you bring ANGELA back watch your Back.Please don't bring her back. GOD BLESS

  • pamela williams - 5 years ago

    La hair need to show her full staff not just limited people. It will make the show more interesting.

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