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What do you do to help the Pollinating Insects in your Garden?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jennifere - 4 years ago

    Everything I do in the garden is for the bees and other wildlife. I interplant my vegetables with flowers such as calendula, dahlias, nasturtiums and cornflower; I let at least one or more of each veg plant flower the following year for the bees (and for the seed); I do not use any insecticide, pesticide or chemicals in the garden; I have researched flowers and habitat creation in books and online (ie Chris Baines' How to Make a Wildlife Garden and many since then); I let several kinds of wildflowers grow in my lawn for the bees (clover, daisies, dandelions, plantain, speedwell...) In short, I am dedicated to helping bees and other pollinators survive as it is also a big part of my business as an eco-garden designer.

  • Anthony Worrall - 4 years ago

    There appeared to be an increase in Bees in the garden this year. Great crops of fruit. Lots of Butterflies too.

  • vera swarbrick - 4 years ago

    need more advice on bee friendly plants

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