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BatB Great Debate #2 - Who is your favorite main character?

Posted 6 months ago.


  • Anita Graves - 6 months ago

    As the smokin' hot lead actor with THRILLING SCENES this season, Vincent would be an easy choice for many. My answer will vary from this. I choose JT because his is supportive, witty, caring, witty, self-sacrificing, witty... (Did I say 'witty' yet?) and, MOST of ALL, because he is played by Austin Basis. Austin is extraordinary on set and off. He plays his part convincingly with just the right amount of inflection in his sarcasm! One minute your heart is beating out of your chest because he's in mortal danger (BY HIS BFF, Vincent) and, the next you're wiping tears away from laughing so hard.Further, participating in a fanbase that celebrates Austin's work is truly a unique experience. I mean, LITERALLY "unique". I've spoken to fans of other shows. They're active on Twitter because they feel somewhat 'connected' with the lives of their stars. Fans of Beauty and The Beast ARE connected with Austin Basis. He interacts almost daily with this fanbase.. and, not exclusively with one or two people, but fans all over the world are treated frequently to a 'Fav' or RT by @AustinBasis, himself.. and even more. I remember one time he commented on a fan's long-haul commute ending soon, even surprising her that he remembered.If I were put on set and told to pick an actor to spend lunch with, I'd have NO hesitation. Austin Basis would be my choice every time.

  • Janeen - 6 months ago

    Vincent Keller is my favorite character this season thus far. Jay Ryan who apart from him being a very good looking man is also an amazing actor that has brought a completely new Vincent into this season. It is quite amazing how he has changed the character to the circumstance and I really like his steeled, controlled, stealth and fast moving portrayal of the new Vincent. The glimpses of humanity that we get from this new Vincent remind the viewers that the softer, calmer, protective Vincent is in there and his remembrance of Catherine's heartbeat is sublime. I look forward to Vincent's memory return, but I hope that he retains some of this confident, all knowing, controlled Vincent of today. Honorable mention must go to JT. I love him too.

  • Monique Huurman - 6 months ago

    Usually I have a hard time choosing but I am really liking Vincent this season. This darker more confident, strong independent Vincent is sexier and more mysterious and highly appealing. I know eventually his memories will return but I really hope he doesn't regress and keeps the same personality but with a lot more control over his beast nature. This new direction is very interesting and I for one am looking forward to how this story line plays out.

  • Alicia - 6 months ago

    This is difficult. because I love all of these characters. Before yesterdays episode I would have had a hard time choosing between Vincent and Catherine, but now because of what he did to her, I will say Catherine is my favorite. I can't wait till the old V is back. This is still my favorite show though,. I hope it's renewed again for a 3rd, 4th and many seasons.

  • miracle anderson - 6 months ago

    Jay Ryan is An amazing actor most people only like him for his muscles but My favorite Character is Catherine. Female who's tough and badass

  • Mel - 6 months ago

    I would definitely have to go with Jay Ryan aka Vincent Keller. The way he has been able to make such a huge change in character has been amazing. If we were to compare the Vincent from last season and this season there would be no comparison! He's a completely different actor and is doing an AMAZING job at it. I understand Catherine's character and why she is so persistent in getting the old Vincent back but she needs to cool it down a little. Episode 2 made her seem extremely pushy. Can't wait for next Monday!

  • Pada-won - 6 months ago

    So far JT Forbes is the only character with consistency..Catherine is obsessive but snapped out of it. Vincent IS NOT VINCENT. I don't even know who he is anymore I mis the old Vincent so damn much. So JT Forbes is my fav right now

  • Sam Wolf - 6 months ago

    Jay Ryan is more than just muscles and hotness, he is an awesome actor who brings Vincent to life in spectatcular fashion.V is my fave because he has so many depths.Last season we saw the tragic,kind,shy and self loathing man with the help of Catherine turned into a romantic and protective,JR plyaed this beautifully This season starts V been abducted,memory erased,and missing for 3 mths.He doesnt know JT his BF or even the love of his life Catherine.Jay has upped his game this season so far I love Vincents confidence,tougher approach.The beast is just amazing.Jay has adapted to the change wonderfully.I just love V but hope his human side comes out soon do miss the old V. ramble over

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