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Are Oreos Addictive?

Posted 5 years.

1 Comment

  • lizzieos - 5 years ago

    People need to stop trying to find a reason for their obesity. It isn't the cookie's fault. It is the person's fault for not respecting themselves enough and forgoing any sense of self control. Exercise, eat well and don't over-indulge if you want to lose weight or be healthy.

    The reason this article exists is because the Oreo triggers a feeling of pleasure not has an actual chemical in it that is addictive. If sugar was truly addictive, you could just as easily become addicted to oranges or grapes. You know what else triggers a feeling of pleasure? Exercise, a hug, a funny movie, a nap, good sex, petting your pets, talking to friends, etc. No need to eat an entire bag of cookies to feel pleasure.

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