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What do you think about fracking?

Posted 4 years.


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  • phil - 5 months ago

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  • liam - 7 months ago

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  • cj - 7 months ago

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  • hetrophobia - 8 months ago

    fracking is very hetrophobic

  • dzgfh - 8 months ago

    I think fracking is a good thing for the economy

  • Ben - 8 months ago

    I had a wet dream last night. It was about you!

  • WEEN - 9 months ago


  • Jemima - 9 months ago


  • fizz - 11 months ago

    please don't frack lmao

  • No - 2 years ago


  • Malcolm Shepherd - 2 years ago

    I think fracking is fine. Just... please be careful.

  • Jill - 3 years ago


    Would you be okay with franking near your home? If the answer is yes then your words are fair. If not which families and whose children do you suggest we expose to these dangers? Not yours, so whose? The poor? The poorly educated? The uninformed? The ignorant? Minorities? Or is just anyone you don't know fair game lol?

  • Bobby - 3 years ago

    Fuck you bitches who do fracking fuck you

  • Emily Miller - 3 years ago

    i really don't like fracking i think people should stop doing it. Also it can get over 600 chemicals in your drinking water. But i can't forget that fracking can give you rashes after you take a shower.

  • steve - 3 years ago

    Well done! You scared a bunch of little children into thinking Fracking is harmful because you did such a minimalist attempt at explaining Fracking objectively and comprehensively. Your "dangers" are all theoretical; none of which have been proven including methane leaking which is what Fracking is trapping. You also failed to explain the effects Fracking has on the US Economy as well as maintaining USA's economic lead on China.

    To be sure, the MAIN concern with fracking is the water table. Earthquake fear is pedestrian. The silica that supplants the rock is actually stronger and more stable than the original rock. My daughter is doing a science project building a shale drill in both sand and water. With such crude instruments and materials she's using, she's still able to prove that no gas (Ammonia) is leaked in the water.

    You objectivity was compromised in the first sentence of your article: "YET another way to SQUEEZE fossil fuels..." And, that's why children are poorly educated...educators who give opinion more than fact.

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