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Pony Battle: Fluttershy Vs. Luna, who will win the fandom's heart?! (Poll Closed)

  • Fluttershy
    8,694 votes

  • Luna
    12,394 votes


Posted 1 year ago.


  • Sealy - 1 year ago

    FLUTTERSHY IS ALWAYS BEST PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rockpath5 - 1 year ago

    @Frith That's a good point. I bet Seth is too much of a wuss to pit Trixie against even Twist.

  • Charles - 1 year ago

    Pretty sure even Fluttershy would vote for Luna in this poll.

  • Ryan - 1 year ago

    "my vote is on "Moé Badass Bear-slayer Dovahkiin of the Millenium" Fluttershy" Just pointing that out to all the people reaming Luna fans about voting based on fanon. No offense to the commenter.

  • Frith - 1 year ago

    The point of this poll is to show how silly it is to pit two ponies one against the other in a pointless popularity contest. We are all different and we like what we like. This poll is a tease. So grin, pick a horse, and as a rebuttal, dare Seth to pit Trixie against Pipsqueak and Babs Seed!

  • Ffsg1000 - 1 year ago

    They both stink...especially the yellow pegasus.

  • CelestialRainicorn - 1 year ago

    Yeah I can't say I really don't like Fluttershy.

    She's a really good character and she had some good episodes (Heck Hurricane Fluttershy is perhaps my all time favorite episode because of the moral) But compared with Luna I can see why Fluttershy fails in comparison to the night princess.

  • trav - 1 year ago

    I voted for luna brynhild if you don't know who that is google search blooming moon chronicles......

  • sapphire475gs - 1 year ago

    The thing is, there is a contextual mentality to be associated with this poll's current result. There are plenty of bronies who didn't like that Fluttershy won the Hub poll. I could see them lashing back by voting Luna purposefully, even when when they normally wouldn't by hierarchy of their favorites list.

    So, unfortunately, while my vote is on "Moé Badass Bear-slayer Dovahkiin of the Millenium" Fluttershy, I expect Luna will win this poll all the same.

  • Rockpath5 - 1 year ago

    If Fluttershy is a flat character, then all of the Mane 7 are. We have Celestia's know-it-all, OCD , yes-mare; the selfish borderline psychopath; the self-centered insecure pony; the kind, passive pony with social anxiety; the honest, hard-working, stubborn pony, the zany pony whose greatest wish is to bring joy to others, and the conniving, chivalrous, insecure dragon.

  • lordofthieves - 1 year ago

    I just remembered why I usually don't check the comments. Oh, well. While I'm here, I might as well throw in my two bits (heh, bits). Honestly, I don't really see the point in this poll. At least some of the polls before this served some sort of purpose other than seeing who could reload the page and vote for their favorite pony the most, which I'm sure people on both sides are doing (I don't, but I'm sure I'll get accused anyway). I think polls like the last one we had are the best. Ones that have meaningful results, like whether or not we would appreciate long story arcs or not. Polls like Fluttershy vs. Luna only serve to cause flame wars and bad feelings. Well, those are my thoughts, like them or not. Sorry for the wall of text.

  • Mojo - 1 year ago

    @Ryan I don't like Fluttershy, at all I think she's flat, boring, cliche and most of her episodes rely on her going out of character only to learn essentially the same lesson over and over again. I just think any of the main six deserve to win a character poll over what is essentially a cypher, and yes good characters do change overtime but those changes make sense, there is build up to them or foreshadowing, Luna just acts totally different in every appearance to the point that she could be a different character.

  • Rockpath5 - 1 year ago

    Fluttershy is second only to Pinkie Pie. Luna is 6th best pony after Derpy, Lyra, and Sweetie Belle.

  • Ryan - 1 year ago


    And if Luna wins then people weren't stupid enough to listen to an moron who hates luna for being popular. If you prefer Fluttershy then vote for her but don't call me an idiot for liking Luna. Sure her character changes that's called a dynamic character. That in itself makes Luna a more interesting character to me.

  • Dan - 1 year ago

    Put Luna against Discord in a poll. I am interested to see who wins.

  • Mojo - 1 year ago

    @zygi No if Fluttershy wins it means people weren't stupid enough to vote for a character who is a borderline cipher.

  • zygi - 1 year ago

    Its so wrong poll. 1. its 5-1 for luna coz they pick luna instead his/her fav from mane6; 2. fluttershy get points from celestia and cadence. There may be some ppl who vote other then I expect, but still if fluttershy wins, it will mens that her fans just sit here and vote spam. As after hub voting it wasn't clear.

  • Mojo - 1 year ago

    What character development? her personality switches between all her appearances with no explanation, first she's shy, then she's bolsterious and quick to anger, then she's all wise and regal. Look I agree, Fluttershy sucks but don't try and shove crap about Luna being so well written to me.

    So basically you like her because you can basically decide what her backstory is for yourself, wow what a sign of a a strong character, so undefined that fans can define them almost entirely......

  • LUNA!!!!!!!!!! - 1 year ago


  • Goblin Scribe - 1 year ago

    Wanna bet the post following up on this poll will have a sad Fluttershy face to guilt us?

  • Rainbow Dash - 1 year ago

    I voted for Fluttershy because it is a lost cause, and I always like supporting the underdog.

  • Torque Effect - 1 year ago

    I voted Fluttershy since Luna doesn't deserve it.

    People are only voting for her based off Fanon.

  • Scott - 1 year ago

    NOOOOO Flutters is falling behind!!!! Must find more computers to cast more votes!

  • Ryan - 1 year ago

    Voted for Luna. Always have, and always will. You could put her up against anypony you want and she will get my vote. Not because of the mediocre fanon, but because I can relate to her character. Characters like fluttershy have been done countless times... in fact when you boil it down all of the main six are walking stereotypes. But how often is mysterious socially awkward moon goddess imprisoned for a thousand years done? Whether anyone likes Luna are not, her character development is more intricate than Fluttershy's. Still, tis only an opinion and no offense to Flutterfans. Long live the princess of the night!

  • Thray Aurion - 1 year ago

    This poll is evil and you know it

  • No Name Available - 1 year ago

    Fluttershy is the most annoying, shitty, overrated character overall.

  • Hat - 1 year ago

    The question is: what will Fluttershy or Luna do with your heart once they have it? Dodgeball?

  • Rainbow Dash - 1 year ago

    If mystery is what makes Luna such an interesting character, then King Sombra must be the most interesting character ever. Grah! Crystals! RAHG! Crystalssssss!

  • Taco-pony - 1 year ago

    @flarepie24 + faye
    The see, the mystery of Luna is what makes her such an interesting character. The writers are big fans of the "unreliable narrator" trope, so we don't actually KNOW how the first NMM incident happened. Was it justified? Was it a power grab by one or both sisters? Was it manipulation by third party? What were the events leading up to it?
    We know nothing but how Celestia/the history book (which, as has been stated many times, is written by the winners) says the events go down.

    Fluttershy is still a good character, and extremely lovable, but as faye points out is kind of two dimensional. She has "Scared-Determined", and "self serving-kindness" as her two axis of character motivation, while all the other main six have tree or four axis each. Like I said, I love the hell out of flutters, but she's just a stereotypical woobie who also happens to have control issues.

  • Faye - 1 year ago

    Fluttershy is the most boring and flat pony around, I seriously have no idea why she's so popular. People say she's relate-able, but among so many people I know there's only one that's like her and only halfway at that. The most relatable ponies, when comparing to people I know, is in fact Twilight and Applejack.

    Both Fluttershy and Luna is extremely overrated, Fluttershy is bland and Luna has barely been in the series overall.

    I didn't vote, neither deserves it.

  • flarepie24 - 1 year ago

    i dont understand why people like luna so much she was kinda good in the NN episode and near pointless in the dream episode, all she does is yell and she tried to do something that eould essentially kill off every being in equestria (all night means no sun to fuel crops and no crops means nothing to eat and then everyone dies of starvation) just cuz she was being jelous, fluttershy deserves to win

  • Ed Prins-Stairs - 1 year ago

    Fluttershy and no one but. Luna is awesome, but Fluttershy is unique if you look through the layers of her. She's one of the most relatable characters in the series.

  • Luna - 1 year ago

    You cannot stop Luna.

  • Rainbow Dash - 1 year ago

    @Aangpony, You mean this poll?

  • Aangpony - 1 year ago

    Sethisto should make a poll where all the answers are Luna.

  • Mojo - 1 year ago

    Fluttershy is my least favorite of the main six, a very flat character and all her episodes pretty much rely on her going OUT of character to work. but goddamn the idea of ANY OF THEM losing to a character who is popular nearly entirely because of fanon is disgusting to me and Luna's pathetic little worship brigade needs to be taken down a peg so GO GO GO GO FLUTTERSHY.

  • Alena - 1 year ago

    None of them are among my favorites so I voted none. Fluttershy is worst of mane six and Luna is worst princess, well she's at least better than Cadance so second worst princess.

  • Blue Dragon - 1 year ago

    You cruel, cruel people....

    Actually, FS is best Mane 6, Luna is best Princess.
    FS is best canon, Luna is best fanon.
    Apples to oranges much?

    And then they're both introverts, ponies, ect.
    Love'em both.
    Deal with it. (chose FS to even out the poll)

  • Rockpath5 - 1 year ago


  • MaresFillies - 1 year ago

    Crap, man. This poll should be illegal. XD

  • L4R63N7 - 1 year ago

    Answering this question is just not possible. One can not simply "choose" between the two greatest ponies in the history of all ponydom.

    ᶠᶫᵘᵗᵗᵉʳˢʰʸ ᶦˢ ᵇᵉˢᵗ ᵖᵒᶰʸ

  • SullMaster - 1 year ago

    Where's my Twilight option??

    If I have to choose, it's Luna. I think Fluttershy is incredibly overrated and is my least favorite of the mane six.

  • ShadowGentleman - 1 year ago

    Having been one of the people that liked Luna from the start( the woona and gamer Luna Craze, hell, before becoming a proper brony), I can honestly say I like her because of who she is. I sympathize with her having to deal with the pain of building an entire night and to not have a single pony to watch it. I sympathize with the pain of being unimportant. She's not meant to be perfect;anybody who thinks that is out of their damn minds. She's supposed to represent us as people; we're all ugly and imperfect like the moon, but that's what makes us likeable, that's what makes us human. I think Luna fans need to understand that by raising her up to god status, you're taking away from who she is and filling the hole with something that she's not. You're also building a counter- culture that's causing one of the most relatable characters on the show( to me) to become despised because you, probably in good faith, want the underdog of the Royal Sisters to get more a little more attention. It's not a crime, and this isn't a plea to stop, it's just a reminder. Remember who you're thinking of when you talk about "the real Luna". Remember what she stands for; She's the ugly, imperfect part in all of us that could shine if you'd let it, not a dark goddess that's perfect and totally unrelatable to everyone. Remember the moon.

  • Air - 1 year ago

    Of course...
    You can't have a poll with Luna in it without a ton of overly-dramatic comments.

  • Fluttershy_Demo - 1 year ago

    all of the ponies are amazing... telling someone to choose is rediculus. fucking bullshit this is. fucking community of dickheads that have to pick favorites 24/7... for everyone like me /)

  • SpeedBoost - 1 year ago

    One more poll like this and I'm done with equestria daily I swear D:

  • Frith - 1 year ago

    Quick, Fluttershy is asleep! Vote Luna!

  • AndeAlmighty - 1 year ago

    Favorite of the mane 6 is one thing but come on Luna is a different tier, so unfair... WHAT IS THIS LITTLE MAC V.S MIKE TYSON BULLSHIT

  • Oktoberfest - 1 year ago

    best princess deserves to TOTALLY SMOKE the tree. Um... if that's okay with you...

  • Hakirayleigh - 1 year ago

    This poll is pure cheap fanatism.

  • Rainbow Dash - 1 year ago

    @Felicia The poll didn't actually specify which Luna.

    Fluttershy is best Rainbow Dash though! Vote for Fluttershy!

  • Felicia - 1 year ago

    PLEASE, can we have somepony OTHER than Luna win an EQD poll? Luna wins every freaking one and it's getting really old. Fanon Luna is NOT Fandom Luna. Deal with it.

  • Ria - 1 year ago

    ...I hate both of these characters. I don't like Fluttershy because her episodes are always the same, and I don't like Luna because she has almost no character development and her fans piss me off.

    Truly, best pony is random background pony #7

  • Calico - 1 year ago

    As far as actual writing in the show itself, Fluttershy is a far, far better character. The problem is that the fandom's Luna bears little resemblance to the real Luna. The show has given her so few fragments of character development that she's almost entirely left to the imagination. If you imagine your dream character and then compare it to anyone else, guess who's going to win?

  • Sam - 1 year ago

    the correct answer is Rainbow Dash

  • Tragic Alarm - 1 year ago

    luna is going beast mode right now but i'm sure flutter will catch up

  • HalfBlood2000j - 1 year ago


  • Nicoboss143 - 1 year ago

    That's why i HATE Luna...

  • Awes - 1 year ago

    C'mon Flutterfans!!!

  • tl - 1 year ago

    yeah this was predestined for a Luna super-majority.

  • Ragmo - 1 year ago

    its not a fair poll :( there once was a poll like "do you always press luna? a)yes b)yes c) no d)luna" if i remember correctly
    and d) won

  • Goblin Scribe - 1 year ago

    Things were neck-and-neck when I voted--36 FS, 37 Luna. Yes, I broke the tie. But it looks like Luna's pulling ahead now.

  • zelc-face - 1 year ago

    What happens if they'll be evenly matched??

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