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BatB Great Debate #6 - Who should Cat end up with?

Posted 5 years.


  • Ruth Cassidy - 5 years ago

    Ok, really! Lol but I like the bring back Evan option cause any more heart surgeries & I might be thinking Cat needs someone just a little more relaxed!

  • Nic - 5 years ago

    Vincent all the way. Their chemistry is amazing. I think this season is playing out like season 1 in the sense that is was light on romance in the beginning, too so be patient friends :). But, seriously we KNOW 100% Vincat are endgame so...
    Also, I'd prefer a combo of a less dangerous S1 Vincent, never being mean to Cat s1 Vincent, confident Season 2 vincent, romantic season 1 Vincent, says what he thinks/feels S1 Vincent. Season 1 Vincent was sad and lacking bravado. He can be sweet and in love with Cat without coming off "weak" for lack of a better word so I like his stronger character. I still love Vincent because this isn't really Vincent so I just look at it that way. And I know some people are struggling with the murky nature of Vincat, but that was the intent according to the NYCC interviews with JR and KK and it makes sense to me because they are struggling to be together when most normal couples would have stopped trying already, but the connection and love is there so they fight it sometimes and don't other times.

  • Danielle - 5 years ago

    Ok. maybe this is a dumb question, but would anyone really not vote for Vincent?? For one, it’s Beauty and the BEAST, and….. who doesn’t love Vincent? Yeah he’s a little out of character right now, but I believe some of the old V will come back. (I say some because I quite honestly think this more confident, stealthier, dangerous V is much hotter. I just wish he was a little more romantic like the old V. V 2.5 would be GREAT!!)

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