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Do you think the DA’s rejection of employment equity is appropriate?

  • Yes – The DA is correct to stay true to its principles by opposing racially-based legislation.
    34 votes

  • No – If the DA is to grow its black support base it will need to come out clearly in favour of affirmative action and BEE.
    32 votes


Posted 5 years.

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  • Clarence P. Esau - 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, this debacle has exposed the DA's existential crisis. Black people, even those that belong to the DA, want what the ANC says it stands for i.e. "A better life for all."

    The DA leadership, on the other hand realises that insisting on fit for purpose and choosing the best person for the job, cuts two ways. You DO get the job done - Cape Town runs like a Swiss Watch BUT you're going to lose elections anyway - cf Tlokwe because, if and when the ANC volunteers take to the street on foot and in their little beetles and talk to people, there is just NO WAY that they are going to vote DA.

    An interesting dilemma to have and one that I am watching play out with interest.

    Clarence P. Esau

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