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Stamped vs Milled

Posted 5 years.


  • Clarence Moore - 4 months ago

    Will the parts between the 2 rifles interchange if not why ?THANKS

  • Andre - 6 months ago

    Latest research from fully automatic gun ranges show that stamped recievers give out at lower round counts before milled. If it can out last the barrel, thats the most important thing. Spesiba Rob

  • TiTo - 2 years ago

    The milled receiver is more costly and time consuming are the main driver in countries going with a stamped.

    For Example.
    Milled receiver will cost you $300+ and will take 3 to 4 hours to be milled per.
    Stamped receiver will cost you $50+ can be stamped out and complete in 15 minutes per.

    In my opinion the Red Army back in the mid and late 40's had planned for the weapon to be manufactured quick and cost affectly. If are arming a army of 1 million at $150 each, it's way cheaper then the same 1 million at $500 each. It would have save them millions of Rubles

  • mari tobias - 3 years ago

    And Rob, the stamped recievers come in heavy duty (1.5mm) w/ heavy trunion. OPAP for example. They are heavier, though. Thanks Rob, you da bomb!!!

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