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Vote For The May 2014 5.0 Babe of The Month (Poll Closed)

  • Ashley
    257 votes

  • Brianna
    216 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • Josh - 4 years ago

    Brianna should have won..

  • Chris Garrett - 4 years ago

    Both are pretty to be sure, but alas we can only pick one. Ashley is a little more to my preference of petite hottie!

  • Julie Arrington - 4 years ago

    GOOOOOOOOOO Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Duane - 5 years ago

    Why do we have to pick just one. Why not have one mustang and two girls. There both welcome to ride in mine

  • Jessica Hounshell - 5 years ago

    Good Luck Ash hope you get it!

  • kelly - 5 years ago

    Good luck Ashley :)

  • enrique - 5 years ago

    Brianna is beautiful ,,Ashley is some what pretty sorry .

  • Douglass Matthews - 5 years ago

    Before auto's Mustang's were house's, world war2 there air plane's 1964 they became a iron house, city or courty they are a great gift to the world. Thank you Ford for the Mustang.

  • clem - 5 years ago

    feel like a kid in a candy store !

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