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What are your top five favorite Beatles songs?

Posted 4 years.


  • kendrick henson - 2 years ago

    "In my Life" is not just my favorite Beatles song, but possibly my favorite song period.

  • Josie - 4 years ago

    It was cruel of you to ask for 5 favs. Toooooooo many terrific songs to narrow down to just 5.
    The Beatles were a major part of my growing....... Loved them since day one'.

  • Jay M - 4 years ago

    More than musicians. These people had a huge influence on world culture and values. The songs hold up today and will for many years to come. Share with your children and grandchildren when they ask.

  • Joe M - 4 years ago

    Something in the way she moves is the best love song written without actually saying the words love you.

  • Lynn - 4 years ago

    Named my youngest son Jude!

  • Michael Flisk - 4 years ago

    My parents saw the Beatles live twice while dating in Chicago, Illinois. I (their son) met my wife at a Beatles tribute concert in Chicago on May 12, 1990. The Beatles broke up when I was 2 years old! I had the honor of speaking to Paul McCartney on a radio show on Memorial Day 1989 after letting my phone ring for 5 days before. "The Beatles were a gift from God" said Tom Petty and were more like an event that had to happen that brought the world much needed comfort after losing President Kennedy. Ironically, the Beatles were supposed to be introduced to America on television the same night President Kennedy was killed. Their music will never die and it seems every generation falls in love with them. They are a prime example of serendipidy in the music world and in life. I only wish they would have gotten back together again and performed before John was killed in 1980. I thank God for Brian Epstein and George Martin for their desire and toil to bring the wonderful raw talent and incredible positive energy they saw and captured to the world.

  • Laura - 4 years ago

    Really hard to pick just 5 10 15 u no what I mean
    Did they do anything bad?

  • G Essig - 4 years ago

    They are all favorites!

  • Chuck Collett - 4 years ago

    Great song

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