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Should Eastern Florida State College allow guns on campus? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes. All areas, including classrooms
    178 votes

  • Yes. Common areas are as far as they should go.
    9 votes

  • Yes. But only in locked vehicles.
    71 votes

  • No guns should be allowed anywhere on campus.
    144 votes


Posted 4 years.

1 Comment

  • lea - 4 years ago

    here is the thing ok you can tell who ever you want too that they r not aloud to bring a gun to school in there car or where ever. you really think it will stop someone from bringing a gun to school or wherever if someone wants someone dead they will do it you have no say so what u think you will make a difference people gets shot everyday if they want that person dead they will do it and u can not stop them unless you do this stop it now you can however search every person on campus head to toe and every car that comes in there and have medal detectors then just maybe it will stop lets not forget security guards but once again if a guard is not carrying how can they stop a person that has a gun what let's use mase against a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or even tasers what do u think is faster a taser or a gun which one will kill you people get a clue GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY CAN NOT GO OFF ON THERE OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE CAN U TAKE A GUN TO COURT GET REAL BUT PEOPLE DO NEED TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND THEIR SELF IF SOMEONE COMES IN A CLASSROOM AND JUST STARTS SHOOTING AT LEAST YOU ARE NOT DEFESELESS IN MY OPINION U MIGHT DIE OR U MIGHT LIVE IF U HAD SOMETHING TO DEFEND WITH AGAINST A GUN!!!!!! BUT JUST ROLLING INTO A BALL AND HOPE FOR THE BEST OK DOES THAT REALLY WORK CAUSE MORE THAN LIKELY EVERYONE IN THAT CLASS WILL BE DEAD BUT IF SOMEONE WAS CARRYING THAT PERSON MIGHT CAN SAVE OVER HALF IF NOT THE WHOLE CLASS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT AND JUST SO YOU ALL REMEMBER GUNS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 50 YRS PLUS AND GUESS WHAT PEOPLE STILL WAS SHOT NOTHING HAS CHANGED SOME PEOPLE JUST SNAP WHAT CAN U DO ABOUT IT STOP GUNS FROM GOING TO SCHOOL AGAIN U ARE NOT STOPPING ANYTHING UNLESS YOU SEARCH THOSE PEOPLE AND THEIR CAR THE MAYBE BUT THEN U HAVE KIDS THAT WALK AGAIN U COULD SEARCH THEM AND THERE LOCKER IT WILL BE LIKE A JAIL NO PRIVACY

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