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BATB Great Debate #16 - How would you grade season 2 of Beauty and the Beast so far? (Poll Closed)

  • A
    40 votes

  • B
    19 votes

  • C
    4 votes

  • D
    0 votes

  • F
    1 vote


Posted 4 years.


  • Mandy - 4 years ago

    It was discordant, jarred my nerves, annoyed me, frustrated me but ultimately kept me hooked. I cannot imagine I will ever feel indifferent to this show. I always have some crazy emotion, whether its screaming at the telly, laughing like a loon or just plain old fashioned swooning *sigh*. LOVING IT SO MUCH SO FAR!!

  • Beth - 4 years ago

    I have to say at first I wasn't sure I really liked it. One the night change to Monday's was hard but, I still watched faithfully if not I dvr and watched with commercials. I am SO GLAD I stuck with it it took a few episodes but, I fell back in love with it again and now watch daily on CW the reruns of the week and every other episode available. This show has come along way. I Believe it really deserves to go to season three. I know our ratings are low but, there are still a lot of followers and if promoted a little better like some of the other CW shows I really think it could do better. Also if it followed a stronger show like it did last year.

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