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The A.G. wants to give cops a heroin overdose rescue drug. Lawmakers have set hearings on the epidemic. And users' families are speaking out. What's to be done?

Posted 4 years.


  • Benson Blake - 4 years ago

    Channel 12`s coverage of this matter-- heroin use in Hudson Valley -- shows their ignorance of addiction issues, and is merely sensational to be sensational. Anyone with any real knowledge of addiction and real concern about real medical issues for real people would ever show graphic close-up pictures of THE DRUG, people handling it, and preparing for injection. For people fighting addiction to be shown such graphic--you can almost taste IT- -PICTURES---is enough for them to experience severe "JONESING" ,ie craving, and loose their hourly battle with ADDICTION. Smarten up people, and show some real care and concern, and stop your idiotic hyperbole, and ignorance. By the way, gun violence kills some 80 people a day, 30,000 a year in America. Where is the outrage, outcry, and demand for change for these needless deaths. And we wearhouse 2.4 million people in America`s prisons --mostly people of color-- for minor drug violations. Where is the JUSTICE, CARE, and CONCERN for them. Wake up America.

  • J. Lopez - 4 years ago

    coordinate with community Christian church prevention programs where available. Not on the list but it'll introduce Bibles to our youth BEFORE, they're incarcerated and have arrest records. Start early.

  • Francis Wilson - 4 years ago

    This is a very serious addiction . i am favor of legalizing marijuana but enforcing drug laws on heroin and pain killers that are opiate based .I think Doctors should look at the risks before prescribing this kind of drug to anybody .

  • pete moss - 4 years ago

    Addiction itself is only part of the problem. Where that addiction takes you is much more serious than mere withdrawl

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