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Which never been implemented innovative idea ( do YOU like the best? To enter the prize draw add your e-mail address in comments (Poll Closed)

  • Tweeting hamster - Hamsters are cute but boring. But now you can follow your hamster on Twitter and monitor what it’s doing. The cage has all kinds of sensors that each triggers a tweet. For example, when the hamster runs in the wheel, goes for my run or when it's almost out of water, it tweets, 'Hey I'm almost out of water!'
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  • WIFI e-books - We set up a WIFI connection at bus shelters. When people log in with their smartphone, they won’t have an Internet connection but get directed to a page on which we put a free book to read. They are only able to read it when they are in the vicinity of the bus shelter. When they get on the bus they’ll loose the signal. By presenting new books this way we not only make the wait more pleasant, we also inspire people to try and read new books.
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  • Unfuel your fuelband - This app connects to your Nike Fuel band but instead of pushing you to move, the app urges you to slow down, take it easy and relax. There’s so much out there to enjoy. Using the Google API we can give people notifications of things to do nearby: good food, drinks, art or just a park to chill out with your friends.
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  • Call to save the planet - This mobile app donates a percentage on top of the normal mobile costs to help save nature. So the more you stay in touch with your mates the more the planet benefits.
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