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What should Game 4's starting lineup look like?

Posted 4 years.


  • Barry sweater - 4 years ago

    Turner, Stephenson, George, scola, west. Who's Teague going to cover? Who's Korver going to guard? Hill and Watson off the bench matching Williams and Mack is a better matchup defensively. Hibbert out against brand will help him too.

  • Dave - 4 years ago

    How about Watson, Hill, George, West and Hibbert? Seemed to work well in 3rd/4th quarter of Game 2.

  • jan - 4 years ago

    Danny was not part of the successful crew that got us to #1 this season. Danny was not "Danny", and we needed another forward. Not saying we don't miss him (hell, I do and go back to ABA days with my squad). They miss him too but this is not the reason for the slump. More complicated than that!!

  • Gary Heyer - 4 years ago

    If anybody is to blame, it is the front office for making the trade. How arrogant of them to make a trade based on fiscal priorities, when the team had worked so hard to get where they were at the time. They had something very rare and very special. Why do you mess with that? It's a delicate balance that they had.The "big three" in the front office got a little too cocky. The trade clearly took the wind out of the sails of this once great unit. They will never get it back.
    Thanks and regards, Gary Heyer

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