Do you support the decision to move Wayne Gretzky’s statue from Rexall Place to the new downtown arena, Rogers Place?

Posted 3 years.


  • Stephanie - 3 years ago

    Gretzky is an Icon, the Love of Edmonton, it should move with the Team. Our spirit goes with them, The Great One should go too!

  • Don - 3 years ago

    Just put it in Mr. Katz garage and he can move it wherever he wishes, when he wishes.

  • Fred - 3 years ago

    Who KNOWS the Oilers are leaving Edmonton???? The statue is honoring Gretzky, NOT the oilers, so move it anywhere and nothing changes. A great new facility, graced by a sports legend is fine by me!!>

  • John - 3 years ago

    option C "It's a statue, and we are wasting precious mental energy worrying about a lump of steel - put it wherever you want, I couldn't care less."

  • Ed - 3 years ago

    So when the oilers move to Seattle should the statue go there also?

  • Darren - 3 years ago

    It should follow the Oilers

  • Norm - 3 years ago

    Mixed feelings...he played at the old building but I think it would be forgotten there. So it should be where "his team" plays.
    It will be more visible downtown.

  • Terry - 3 years ago

    It should go with the team downtown.

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