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Gov. Cuomo's girlfriend skipped the permit process in renovating their Westchester home, possibly netting an unfair tax break. What's your take?

Posted 4 years.


  • sue - 1 year ago

    Everyone knows this cook lies,

  • J. W. - 4 years ago

    I think it is ridiculous that you take up the entire front page of the newspaper for a story just to harass the governor and the Clintons. It seems lately that the entire paper has been taken over by USA today, which does not appeal to me at all. This is supposed to be a newspaper!

  • george fuhrman - 4 years ago

    reasons for taking a building permit to finish off a basement. 1 health and safety. 2. two meanes of egress to the exterior of house. 3. height of ceiling. 4. electrical work permits and inspections.5. how is the basement being used.

  • TG - 4 years ago

    Any contractor licensed by the state, county or town knows that documentation verifying the issuance of, or at least filing for, permits is required by law when structural changes such as those listed by the realtor and advertised by the homeowner are made. A fine should be levied and building permits must be issued even after the fact, as any attempt to sell the house without them on record would be in further violation of the law.

  • tc - 4 years ago

    Can someone please tell us what the renovations are/were?

  • JohnL - 4 years ago

    She should be treated like the rest of us. Fine her !

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