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Which is Dalla Costa's best idea?

Posted 4 years.


  • bob - 4 years ago

    What needs to be done is to make the game less boring. The fact that there is more retreating than advancing is so painful. I admire their skills but they are most adept at complaining, falling down, and faking injuries like spoiled kids. The World Cup certainly does not display the sport as l would like to see it or as originally intended.

  • Eric MacMillan - 4 years ago

    Suggest FIFA take a page from hockey's rulebook. Unless you are wearing a C or an A on your jersey (or on an arm-band), you are not permitted to speak to the referee. Violate that (and this goes for coaches too), and you earn a yellow card.

  • Allen - 4 years ago

    Over & Back - Just like in Basketball, once you play the ball over half, you must keep it in the offensive half of the field, unless it goes off a defender or possesion change. No need for a shot clock, but you cannot retreat, once you've entered the offensive area. This is the single biggest change soccer needs to make (especially at the professional level). Plenty of room to manouver in each offensive zone half.

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