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How many states have you RVed in?

Posted 3 years.


  • Violet and Larry Ault - 3 years ago

    We are just starting to travel the United States. So far we have visited 11 states and for the most part we stay at lease 5 days in each state and tour the areas of each. We have traveled some out west and this summer we are traveling up the east coast. We have been in Maine for 2 weeks so far. Our goal is to spend at least 4 to 5 days in each state and normally we will stay in different parts of each state for at least the 4 or 5 days. We just started our RVing 3 years ago. We have lots to see and do before we get too old to enjoy.

  • James Okvist - 3 years ago

    You should have a category for lower 48, which is all but Hawaii and Alaska.
    That is what I would have checked.
    It makes no sense to ship your RV to Hawaii just to say you RV'ed there.
    Alaska is a whole other beast. When I spent 16 days touring Alaska it was not in my RV.
    I took plane, helicopter, cruise ship, two types of train, bus, and jet boat up the Yukon.
    The professional drivers I talked to said they think that people who bring their RV to Alaska are either not seeing the real Alaska or nuts for wrecking their RV on the remote roads. Based on looking up close at
    some of the roads we were driving on I would never take my RV on them. The drivers say they are constantly seeing RV's broken down on the side of the road. Now if you stay on the one main road going up to Alaska you should not have much trouble but go off the main path and I would not risk it.

    Our definition of having visited a state is being there for at least 3 days including two overnights.
    I am not suggesting that should be other peoples definition its just the criteria to get a state on our list.
    We did most of the lower 48 (35 states) on our first cross country trip. That was in the fall, winter and spring so we got all of the southern states and most of the middle ones. It was about 6 and a half months long.
    Since we live in New England we also included the New England states because we have RV'ed in them before our first cross country trip. The last 13 states we picked up with our second cross country trip which was late summer and fall. These were the northern tier states.

    If you are into clicking off bucket list things for RVing than # of states is cool but I have heard several other objectives that would be interesting. We have been checking off states that we have played golf in. We have checked off 48 states. Illinois and Delaware are the only two we have not played in. We do not put a requirement on this that we were RVing when we played golf. Two other ideas are sports related, visiting the NFL stadiums or visiting the MLB ballparks. Another idea is how many National Parks and or monuments have you visited. We have been to a lot but when I see the full list of national parks and monuments it is huge and we have clearly not been to them all.


  • Steve Cohen - 3 years ago

    Been to all but Hawaii, all 10 Canadian provinces, plus two of the three Canadian territories (can't figure out how to get to Nunavut). Planning to fly to Hawaii next summer and rent an RV. Gotta get that last state!

  • We've only visited 9 states thus far but we've only been on the road for 14 months. We have a requirement of spending at least 1 week in a state before adding it to our map. We feel we must "experience" the state before adding it.

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