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Which UTU2TM shirt designs do you prefer? (Poll Closed)

Results for this poll have been set to private.
Posted 488 days.


  • Sean - 1 year ago

    Finally, some fucking tshirts!

  • Cyd - 1 year ago


  • Megatron - 1 year ago

    Do we get t-shirts if we vote? Or are you poppin' my stones, bro?

  • Tina - 1 year ago

    If I had this shirts, I would POST IT online.

  • Taylor - 1 year ago

    We push through Pass the Cord with Mike's changes, and I'll say this is the best podcast ever made.

  • Nick - 1 year ago

    They could all use a little cleaning/editing, but I think "pass the cord, bro" takes it.

  • Tnz - 1 year ago

    I really like the Pass the Cord one but must object to it on the grounds of incorrect capitalisation.

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Turn Off The Dark or Good, uh, RNR. As someone who loves UTU2TM but hates U2, I'd rather not have a shirt with "U2" on it.

  • Kate Dobday - 1 year ago

    I never want this to end and I hate U2 still.

  • Karl Thompson - 1 year ago

    Everything Mike Olson said about the cord-passing shirt is correct.

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Love the post-it note one! But it should be 'Scott & Scott', not 'Adam & Scott'...

  • AJ Valliant - 1 year ago

    Can I write in to have one made with the Quote:

    "Paul, when did you first start listening to U2" over a picture of a straight jacketed PFT in a padded room?

  • Richard - 1 year ago

    R.I.P. Terrorist Wittels

  • Nancy - 1 year ago

    this is actually legitimately hard :(

  • Mike Olson - 1 year ago

    Man, I really want to like the cord-passing one, but it needs two changes. One, lose the text at the top. Two, cord-holding hand in the third pair of hands should be dropping the cord (and then not holding it in the last pair, obviously). So there's my un-asked-for opinion on that.

  • NNNNNNN - 1 year ago

    My vote is for the good rock n' roll uh music design. IT IS THE BEST!

  • lazerface - 1 year ago

    hey Bono, while you're getting those t-shirts can you make us some tank tops for the ladies? Gotta have my tanks, bro.

  • Steven - 1 year ago

    All of the above.

  • Jack - 1 year ago

    I'm just blue turtlin' here, but this was a really difficult choice.

  • J - 1 year ago

    I would like to see the first one have the hand getting closer and then away again before the middle finger.

  • joe - 1 year ago

    I actually just had to look up if Harris was dead. Thanks Jill!

  • Jill - 1 year ago

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

  • steve - 1 year ago

    Yeah, hey, Spidey, woulda please? TURN OFF THE DARK?

  • b000 - 1 year ago

    blue turtling

  • dools93 - 1 year ago

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

  • fenton - 1 year ago

    First off, I would like to say "hell-o" to all my friends. I would like to say "hell-o" to Bono, I would like to say "hell-o" to The Edge, I would like to say "hell-o" to Adam Clayton, and I would like to say "hell-o" to Larry Mullin Jr.

  • Brandon - 1 year ago

    Hey, Bono. How bout some free shirts man? You gotta know the merch guy or something. T-Shirts and college girls are all we ever wanted.

  • Nick - 1 year ago

    No poppin' my stones design? You're POPPIN' my stones ova heeeyaaah!

  • Rafael - 1 year ago

    RIP the notion of "What's Your Fuck Style?" shirts

  • Joshua Chatelain - 1 year ago

    All are great, but there can be only... five.

  • Emily - 1 year ago

    probably the most difficult choice i've ever had to make

  • Emma - 1 year ago

    Beautiful work.

  • Nick Borelli - 1 year ago

    Will these help me get college girls?

  • Kaitis - 1 year ago

    Hey Spidey? TURN OFF THE DARK

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