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By Taking Down Scrabulous, Hasbro and Eelectronic Arts . . .

Posted 9 years.


  • Percy - 9 years ago

    Scrabble is a game over 70 years old. I don't understand the reasoning behind giving it a patent. Maybe some one should patent the chess game as well ?

    Yes, shutdown scrabulous, slap scrabulous users in their face. Great!

    Being legal does not mean justice. Yes, Hasbro just legally pissed off over half a million scrabble players. There are many alternatives to shutting down scrabulous, for example, licensing it. I guess companies nowadays just care about money, not their reputation/brand name anymore.

    I personally will not buy Hasbro games again---I don't like the company's way of doing business---it's too selfish.

  • asdf - 9 years ago


  • Eric - 9 years ago

    lol. Consumer backlash? Are you serious? It's scrabble. If people want to play, and they can only play Hasbro style, then they are going to play. You think they'd really stop playing just because they have to switch platforms? Come on.

  • aks - 9 years ago

    Talking about copyright issues:
    Even Hasbro should not be allowed to make any scrabble application for facebook.
    Because, if Scrabble is Hasbro's creation, making a facebook application for Scrabble is Scrabulous' creation.

    Hasbro is simply being envious that they could not capitalize on facebook platform that too for their own 'creation'.
    Instead they should give the guys come credit, who have made an old board game popular among 'computer' users.
    Its sad that they can't see the value that Scrupulous has added to Hasbro's product.

    knowledge should be free for everyone to base their innovative-ways on.

  • jacqueline hirsch - 9 years ago

    As an ardent Scrabble player homebound with multiple sclerosis, I was thrilled with Scrabulous and played regularly. It's enjoyable to play with people around the world. I had 19 opponents I was in the middle of playing with; now what? Scrabble never really caught on to the computer scene; their Scrabble is full of glitches, and all the bells and whistles are not necessary. Can't the Scrabble people get together with Scrabulous and somehow merge or at least share ideas so that Scrabulous can maintain on line status? Maybe become the official Facebook Scrabble? Why risk the loss of all those Scrabble fans?

  • Berk - 9 years ago

    What terrible poll questions. Perhaps a little biased against Hasbro?

  • Lornius - 9 years ago

    This is why copyright and trademark laws exist, to protect creative efforts. This is just 2 more Indians doing what Indians do ... make money off other people's creations by ripping them off and distributing the fakes. Good to see them stopped at least in one scam.

  • Zed - 9 years ago

    Its only a game online. Playing it on facebook is just fun because I can do it on a daily basis and with international friends. I can't exactly do that with a board game at home so Hasbro wont be pushing me into buying the boardgame.
    I agree with not getting ripped off but its not like they are losing money from us all playing on flipping facebook.

  • Pixel - 9 years ago

    EA/Hasbro are protecting their rights. Seriously, a statistical rounding error of the population will remember Scrabulous a year from now.

    Why reward a company for stealing an idea? Being popular, does not make it right.

  • Jon S - 9 years ago

    " is only because of their Facebook application **that they unashamedly copied from nearly every aspect of Scrabble** that they got such huge popularity online."

    Fixed that for you Colleen.

  • Aaron - 9 years ago

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for a couple guys who used someone else's game to make a successful facebook application, and have already no doubt made plenty of money off of it.

    If I released a Halo clone on facebook called Halopoly, and Bungie jumped down my throat about it, I certainly wouldn't feel like I had much room to argue. It's not their game, plain and simple. It wasn't even made to be LIKE Scrabble, it WAS Scrabble, straight up.

  • damien hunter - 9 years ago

    I don't see a lot of people standing up in arms over this.

  • Aaron Choi - 9 years ago

    what anti-consumer backlash? don't really see any type of backlash that would be possible at this point against Hasbro/EA.. people aren't going to stop buying their games

  • Colleen - 9 years ago

    I am outraged that this has happened, personally. Scrabulous has been around for a long time- it is only because of their Facebook application that they got such huge popularity online. A slap on the wrist for taking down the "little guys", shame on Hasbro- I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass!

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