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SPEAK UP: Should Dutchess County do more to encourage movie and TV production? YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: Did you attend the Ulster County Fair? 17 Yes 46 No

Posted 7 months ago.


  • William R. Hunt Sr. - 7 months ago

    We should not have to raise taxes so they can make millions.

  • Ken Parchinski - 7 months ago

    No more subsides for Hollywood.

  • Brian B - 7 months ago

    We have to stop subsidizing special interests. The claim is always that it will be good for everyone and always turns out to be good only for a few. When people all over are having tough economic times the last thing we should do is throw tax payers dollars at an industry that makes billions. If their product is any good they will make a profit the old fashion way they will earn it.

  • chris - 7 months ago

    Promote or even reduce taxes, fine. But don't give them money. That's crony capitalism.

  • Gordon Garrand - 7 months ago

    Yes it should promote the film industry. One of the easiest ways is to lease them property where they can strore their production equipment in Dutchess. This way they won't have to haul everything out of NYC to
    location. We have plenty of unused space.

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