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Posted 4 years.


  • Patricia Shanny - 4 years ago

    A common curriculum across the USA is probably already more or less in place. Kids move around; it's important that, when they do, they are not starting all over. Without standards, everyone does just what they please, which may be nothing.
    The way the CCSS were implemented, and pushed down the throats of experienced teachers, who had no input, is a major fault. When testing companies and politicians are calling all the shots, education is in trouble. Teachers are not, and never were, the enemies. Parents need to recognize that teachers are on the side of kids and parents, most of us are parents too. We are more objective; many parents are not objective about their own kids. Love is blind sometimes, but it's never a good thing to blind yourself to reality.
    Teachers want all kids to learn, all each is able to learn; each kid is different, and we get that. There should not be one standard fits all - standards should be based on ability , interest, and personal strengths.
    I have four kids, one having Down Syndrome. He is very capable of tasks in his ability level and interest. He works cleaning at a fitness center, one of many tasks he is more than able to do.
    Lets work together - parents, and teachers, and kids when they get old enough to participate.

  • tom masch - 4 years ago

    COMMON CORE NEEDS TO GO BILL GATES and the rest of the ilk oh Wappinger school board
    do not think where going take you kick the can down the road ah no again will be out in force

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