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2014 Preseason Player of the Year (Poll Closed)

  • Devin White, RB/LB, North Webster
    7,965 votes

  • Shea Patterson, QB, Calvary
    102 votes

  • Jerry Tillery, DL, Evangel
    6,849 votes


Posted 368 days.


  • North Webster - 11 months ago

    Devin deserved every vote. Everybody loves Devin. Talented dude on and off the field. Good job Devin!

  • -_- - 11 months ago

    These comments need spellcheck :/

  • Devin White - 11 months ago

    Hey this is Devin White, Thanks to everybody that voted I truly appreciate it from my family,friends,school & extended family that yall call unkown I love yall

  • sudent @ NWHS - 11 months ago

    Devin has plenty of people who are his friends, family, etc. that PERSONALLY know him and want to support him along with the people he doesn't know, which shows how many people follow and look up to him. TEAM DWHITE ALL THE WAY.

  • Devin's Cousin - 11 months ago

    If you read the comments you will see a lot of family and community people that knows him. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZA - 11 months ago

    #VoteForTill !
    Devin may have a big fanbase with lots of unknown people, but we have family instead.

  • cVc - 11 months ago

    Vote for Till

  • #TeamDwhite/Swag - 11 months ago

    up by 1000...we dont get tired.. #HAMMA

  • #TeamTillery - 11 months ago

    Google he's not!

  • TeamDevin - 11 months ago

    He losing ...... Team DWHITE

  • Courtney Tillery - 11 months ago

    #teamTillery Go Jerry!

  • Twanna H - 11 months ago

    I love you Devin

  • Knight Maniac - 11 months ago

    Let's go Devin!!

  • NW DONT GET TIRED - 11 months ago

    North Webster > Evangel. FREE EDUCATION.

  • Marcus Jackson - 11 months ago

    Public school stand up. We support Devin White all the way!

  • Kendall Hosea - 11 months ago

    Knights all the way! Go Devin!

  • Montana - 11 months ago

    Let's go Devin White I'm backin u up bro.

  • Arianna - 11 months ago

    Let's go Devin! I love you

  • C Walker - 11 months ago

    Devin White!!! Devin White!!! Devin White!!!

  • Ciara B. - 11 months ago

    Go Devin !

  • Taylor Miles Johnson - 11 months ago

    Lets Go Deviiiiiiiiinnnnn !!!! Wheeeeewwww ! #herecomestheboom #cousin #loveyou

  • Jessica - 11 months ago

    I love you Devin
    Your biggest fan

  • Carolyn radford - 11 months ago

    Keep up the good work devin

  • Carolyn radford - 11 months ago

    Keep up the good work devin

  • Jessica C - 11 months ago

    Team Devin White! Great student and amazing athlete!

  • Lyndie Green - 11 months ago

    Go Devin

  • Lyndie Green - 11 months ago

    Go Devin

  • breanna a. - 1 year ago

    Yayyyyyy devin leggo supporting you all the way

  • lisa crow - 1 year ago

    So proud of you. Keep up the good work. Devin

  • Daviana - 1 year ago

    Go Devin Go!!!!

  • NWKnight - 1 year ago

    We don't pay to play! Go Devin!

  • Devin's #1 fan - 1 year ago

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Devin, Im your biggest fan

  • Lemarcus Bryant - 1 year ago

    JT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of you bro! Don't ever give up! Chase your dreams!

  • Tawanda J - 1 year ago

    Devin White!!! Your entire family and community is proud of you!! Keep putting God first!!

  • Jonathan - 1 year ago

    I'd come out the closet for THE GAME CHANGER!

  • Chelle Mc - 1 year ago

    Team Devin!! Hope you have a great season!! #GameChanger #NWHS

  • Bill J. - 1 year ago

    Devin White is an all-around GREAT athlete, honors student and a good person!!!

  • Biyonhka Kimble - 1 year ago

    Way to go Devin, proud of you!

  • Lachina Leeper - 1 year ago

    Way to Go Cousin keep up the good work!!!Cullen/832/springhill stand up!

  • Lachina Leeper - 1 year ago

    Way to Go Cousin keep up tge good work!!!Cullen/832/springhill stand up!

  • Nikia Bailey - 1 year ago

    So proud of all these guys. I watched Jerry Tillery grow up so fast before my eyes. You are truly an amazing athlete and student. Miss Nikia is very proud!!!!

  • yung dred - 1 year ago

    team devin kash city inc

  • Soon to be Mrs. White - 1 year ago

    I love you so much Devin Marcel White. Hopefully we can get married when you make it to the NFL someday.

  • Sharica smith - 1 year ago

    Go...... D.white

  • jacqueline Thomas - 1 year ago

    Devin is a very smart 4.0 student he's not just good in sports he's a beast wit those books as well!! With that being said he does has a back up plan!! An then on top of everything he's a humble God fearing manable young man!! So keep up the good work Devin White you got my vote!!!!###

  • Claire - 1 year ago

    Team Devin White! Fabulous football player and a good person to!

  • Daniel S. - 1 year ago

    Just voted for Devin White! Great all around student and awesome football player.

  • Daniel S. - 1 year ago

    Just voted for Devin White! Great all around student and awesome football player.

  • Daniel S. - 1 year ago

    Just voted for Devin White! Great all around student and awesome football player.

  • Priscilla Washington - 1 year ago

    We are proud of you Devin White !!

  • GameChanger40 - 1 year ago

    Thanks for all the LOVE, Its truly appreciated yours truly DEVIN WHITE

  • 318shreveport - 1 year ago

    I'm sure they are all great young men but I personally have encountered Jerry Tillery. He is God-fearing, extremely intelligent, and completely down to earth. He is the man on and off the field. Those attributes plus more will take him to the top.

  • Seth C - 1 year ago

    Team Devin White !!!....

  • Jasmine Joyner - 1 year ago

    Keep pushing your a great player and a great young man off the field. You are gonna go far just keep that positive attitude you have. #teamdevinwhite

  • Chesney - 1 year ago

    Go Devin!

  • Anthony Williams - 1 year ago

    Those are some very well deserving athletes, yet Parkway High School's QB Keondre Wudtee is a sleeper pick.

  • c. alexander - 1 year ago

    Man of Destiny, Work hard Play hard

  • j crow - 1 year ago

    An aspiring young man, keep focused D.White...Faith, Knowledge and Direction...

  • Dee Miles - 1 year ago

    Go!!! Lil Cousin Go!! D.White #Salute Proud Of Ya Fam

  • lee white - 1 year ago

    A very good kid on and off the field!! #DevinWhite

  • rodney - 1 year ago

    D.white train coming thru better move

  • JC - 1 year ago

    The Best of luck to Devin White! An all-around super Great Christian athlete.

  • Trav Morris - 1 year ago

    Stay prayed up,eat greedy, and grind hard D.White!!!! Cotton Valley / KashCity stand up

  • RDeBose - 1 year ago

    A great kid, from a wonderful family. A long line of scholar athletes!

  • Nicadra G. - 1 year ago

    Go Devin!

  • Young Ship - 1 year ago

    Springhill Stand Up! Keep Pushing D.White!

  • Ty - 1 year ago

    Go Devin!!

  • daphanie green - 1 year ago

    Keep doing ur thang Devin White!!

  • Courtney Tillery - 1 year ago

    I'm so proud of the man that my brother has become. He's a true definition of a STUDENT athlete because he works hard on the field and even harder in the classroom!

  • Rosalind Robinson - 1 year ago

    Go Devin White.... Keep god first and everything else will fall in place...

  • Ja'Myia Robinson - 1 year ago


  • Christian Davis - 1 year ago

    Mr. 24 D.White

  • doris white - 1 year ago

    A student,God fearing young man that loves football and helps his team achieve their goal in moving to the next, level

  • tez - 1 year ago


  • Nora Segura - 1 year ago

    Devin White

  • Nora Segura - 1 year ago

    Devin White

  • quanneshia white - 1 year ago


  • C. Thomas - 1 year ago

    Great Athlete, Awesome Kid, Perfect Son!!!!!!

  • I_do_what_i_want - 1 year ago

    D. White doesn't get paid to do what he does. FREE EDUCATION.

  • Sean Jacobs - 1 year ago

    D.White hard worker!!! Go Devin!

  • Jamesha Webb - 1 year ago

    Way to Go Devin! Game Changer It Is! Been an Athelete since I can remember. A awesome kid he is!!!!

  • Marasha - 1 year ago

    Go D.White ❤

  • Teuna White - 1 year ago

    Da Game Changer is definitely the go to guy. Devin M. White Keep doin ya thing nephew!!!

  • Roshundla Gipson - 1 year ago

    Devin White hands down hard worker dedicated and smart!!!!

  • Charise White - 1 year ago

    Devin White all day!!! Check his stats!!!!

  • TThomas - 1 year ago

    Very Proud Of You Devin. Goodluck !

  • SS - 1 year ago

    Devin White. A hard working young man. He loves the game of football and loves God. He never stops working cause he dont get tired!

  • Ness - 1 year ago

    Jerry !!!! He is by far the hardest working young man I've ever met. I'm very proud of you !
    -Ness ❤️

  • Ryan Williams - 1 year ago

    What a man he has become I'm super proud of Lil Jerry and what he is doing as a student and an athlete

  • Lori H. - 1 year ago

    Devin White is an all-around athlete who credits all of his God-given talent to our mighty God and his fellow teammates at North Webster High School. Good Luck D. WHITE!

  • Martha Ellis - 1 year ago

    Jerry is a godly, intelligent, talented athlete.

  • R. Davis - 1 year ago

    He's a very polite young man. The extension of his upbringing is shown not only through his intellect in the classroom and his manners but also through his athleticism on the field. A soldier for God on the gridiron. Good luck to you and future endeavors!!!

  • Jackie Velasco - 1 year ago

    He is very polite and smart. Never brags That's actually how I see him first then there's the Athlete. Awesome Kid!

  • Jean Devall - 1 year ago

    Jerry does not only excel on the field, he also excels off the field. He is a fun loving, well mannered young man who loved and cares about others.. So proud of him.

  • KRob - 1 year ago

    Geaux Till!

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