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Would a parent posting a personalised sign and photo of their child on the roadside prevent you from speeding?

  • Yes

  • No

Posted 4 years.


  • Ann Maree - 4 years ago

    Isn't it the Mum's responsibility to watch her children on the road? A driver is not expected to watch out for everyone's lack of responsibility of being a parent. Of course that doesn't mean they don't care, it's just that a child that age has no place playing on the road. What's wrong with parental care for the child?
    Now for my darling critics, I don't speed, I have not had a ticket of whatever a fine is called, in my life. I do watch the road, but it is the responsibility of the parent to keep their children safe and OFF the road.
    What next? It's a huge distraction to any driver to be reading surprising signs like that. The driver would feel just as bad as the mother if they hurt any child. Time to take responsibility, not blame others!

  • scott - 4 years ago

    If you have voted 'No' then you must speed!!

  • Peter Hundy - 4 years ago

    I am certain that it would prick the conscienceof a lot of drivers, no-one would wants to be accountable for the death or injury of anyone, least of all, a child.
    BUT BEWARE.....there is still that 5% of idiocy who do have driving licences, but cannot think beyond their ego.

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