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What was your average reaction time on this test?

Posted 3 years.


  • Goth gale - 6 months ago

    Goth rules but I have slow reaction time.

  • Angela Strohecker - 6 months ago

    1 second or slower is just like me when I took this test I was really surprised when I saw how many people that did vote

  • Jay - 2 years ago

    My IQ has been professionally tested and rated at 147 the first time and 144 the second time, but my reaction time averages at .40. Leading people to believe this method can determine intelligence is irresponsible. Many contributing factors, especially in regards to this test can determine the outcome. Eye problems, nerve damage to the hands\fingers, arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc. The brain is only one factor in many, which makes this test utterly useless to determine intelligence.

  • Faiz - 2 years ago

    My average reaction time is .59_.61 msec on tablet it abnormal for me?my age is 29 years.

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