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Besides The Chuck, who's the best 4th wheel on Morning Joe?

Posted 9 years.


  • Theresa - 9 years ago

    I love Mike Barnicle, he reminds me of a favorite uncle who won't tell your mom and dad your secrets...a bit of a rascal. Mika is so so..when she starts that "oh help me understand big strong man" ditzy crap...She's more believable as a journalist when that fat raisin eyed Joe is gone. I started using Pat Buchanan as an alarm clock, since his voice is on HIGH VOLUME SCREECHING and can wake the dead....and PLEASE has anyone told the guy Nixon is dead yet??? ...Everything is back in the 60's...yeesh. I would love to see Rachel Maddow as a 4th just to piss off Raisin Joe, he was so ungodly rude to her on Race for the WH...but she held her own. Joe seems to like his women in their place and not to think for themselves. I always look forward to seeing Chuck though because he isn't a follower, he speaks his own mind. Kudos to this website.

  • PRS - 9 years ago

    Love Barnicle -- have for years. He's funny, smart, self-deprecating -- and knows WHEN NOT TO TALK. The main thing wrong with Morning Joe is that Mika NEVER SHUTS UP. There's this constant nattering in the background no matter who is speaking (except for her father, of course) and it's maddening. Think about when Andrea co-hosted . . . remember how quiet it was? How only one person at a time was speaking? How no one felt the need to make fawning, school-girl comments incessantly?
    She really needs to put a sock in it -- and yes, I'm female. I just don't care for silly, flirty, coy, arch women. If she wants to play with the big boys, she needs to grow up -- and shut up.

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