Kristin is a poll-happy novelist.

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What would make the best birthday present? (Poll Closed)

  • Seven league boots that give you agonizingly itchy foot fungus.
    4 votes

  • A yak that coughs up golden hairballs but that can never leave your bedroom.
    11 votes

  • A cloak that makes you invisible, but only when no one else is around.
    13 votes

  • The ability to summon any kangaroo in a 25-mile radius simply by closing your eyes and thinking, "Kangaroo, your master calls.
    32 votes

  • The power to make anything you say come true as long as you say it through a foghorn in Finnish while falling from a four-story building.
    17 votes

  • Socks.
    32 votes


Posted 9 years.

1 Comment

  • Devyn - 9 years ago

    i need a present