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What do you think of this video and its message?

Posted 3 years.

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  • Josh - 3 years ago

    A lot of women aren't getting paid less for the same job, if you look at the job and then look at the finer details you will see that even though it says the same job it actually might not be, so for instance if a male was working in a job and the job details were lets say, to work above a group of 10 and keep them motivated and on task, whilst a female was doing the same job but she was only handling a group of 5, who is doing more work? Yes it may be the same job title, but that doesn't mean its the exact same job. I believe feminism is an out dated ideology, It's been known in some cases that women actually make more than men do when doing the exact same job, there was a court case in England about it a while ago. When they said the stats on rape and violence, they failed to mention that men are more likely to be the victim of domestic violence but that is something not many people know, because it looks weak. When a man is arguing with a woman and even so much as touches her in public people crowd around telling him to stop, but when roles are reversed and the man is getting abused in public people laugh. Yes women get raped and that is terrible, but feminism is no longer needed. Equality is what is needed, equal rights is what women wanted. Not to be better than man. I have seen videos of women rights campaigners horribly terrorize a men's rights meeting, hailing abuse at them whilst the males just took it. This isn't what the women almost 100 years ago wanted. Equality is the new change to be equal not to have the roles reversed so men are the lower gender.

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