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Have you ever weighed your RV?

Posted 4 years.

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  • Bruce - 4 years ago

    I think a lot of the RV'ers out there would be surprised at how much their RV actually weighs when they get out on the road. It doesn't take much to use up that allotted weight between the Unloaded Vehicle Weight and the Gross Vehicle Weight. On my 5th wheel, that's barely a ton of weight and that includes any potable water I carry along with propane. When you start adding in things like tools (we all have them), canned goods, clothes, a different tv than what came with it, maybe new recliners, or a couch, it's easy to exceed that GVWR. The only way to know is to use a CAT scale and weigh each axle including the tow vehicle in the case of a 5th wheel. When I weighed mine prior to a trip a couple years back, I found I was 500 pounds over max. This may not sound like much but anything over GVWR is dangerous, and that's if you're tow vehicle can even handle that weight rating. I suspect too many of us out there have a truck that isn't rated for what we are pulling behind us and every pound over the limit adds to the stress placed on that tow vehicle and the rv itself. For less than $20, go to a CAT scale and weigh your rig before your next trip and find out exactly how much you're hauling down the road. Your tires, your loved ones, and those you endanger by being overweight will thank you!

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