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What should be the name of the sandwich?

Posted 3 years.


  • elaine - 8 months ago

    I like Bread in the wording

  • Lorelai - 10 months ago

    Yay for jelly

  • Lorelai - 10 months ago

    Yay for jelly

  • Julian Cabrera - 1 year ago

    I voted for Jelly and peanut butter and we WON!!!

  • Jake - 1 year ago

    GGGGGOOO BBBRRREEEAAADDD!!!!!!! (but also peanut butter :) )

  • micah - 1 year ago

    BOOOOOOOOO peanut butter GOOOOOOOOOOO jelly

  • Francisco - 1 year ago

    Boooooo peanut butter

  • Amanda - 1 year ago

    Well Max is only interested in his favorite write-in candidate (BREAD!), but I'm definitely one to vote for change. Let's go Jelly!

  • kyler - 2 years ago


  • meowkittymadeyourdinnermeow - 2 years ago


  • meowkittymadeyourdinner - 2 years ago

    Vote for jelly! Jelly needs a turn! jelly is sweet and fun to eat!

  • roo zee - 2 years ago

    goooooooooo JELLY

  • Mia and David - 2 years ago

    BOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JELLY taste DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Addy Travers - 2 years ago

    Jelly has too many chunks. Peanut butter is the best.

  • Gavan - 3 years ago

    I vote BREAD!

  • Jackson - 3 years ago

    Peanut butter, booo! I'm allergic. Jelly!!!!

  • Cora - 3 years ago

    I would like to vote for bread please!

  • Piper - 3 years ago

    My. Daughter would like bread included in the name of the sandwich.

  • Marc - 3 years ago

    Bread Bread Bread!!! We want bread!

  • Alexis Levine - 3 years ago

    I hope peanut butter wins and I like your book

  • Galya - 3 years ago

    Jonah voted for PB&J and Nava voted for J&PB hence the 2 votes. This book has become a fast favorite with the very discerning Blachman kids.

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