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Do you believe that there is life on Mars?

Posted 9 years.


  • Janet Woods - 7 years ago

    I feel it is important that the TRUTH be told about extraterrestrials otherwise we will continue to be confused an inappropriate as we have been apparently since life began.

  • Martijn Dekker - 8 years ago

    Defining "life" tells me there is the possibility that there exists infinite forms of life.

    Therefore I find it very likely, that life on other planets can be in forms we don't recognize...

    Then sure... there is life on Mars.

  • sue - 9 years ago

    there may be other life forms in this universe but perhaps they would be inter-dementional beings, as to just our biological make up and that have a greater freedom of movement than we do in this 3 D world and these beings would be able to move back and forth in time and space with ease. A demention where all points in space are equal to all other points in space so to say something is here or there would make no sense. I think we should not rule out inter-dementional beings and just look only for biological being such as ourselved. The Biblle calls some of these beings Angels and describes different orders of Anglels like in a heirachy . In most ancient religions there is a reference to these type of beings in the universe

  • Zee Fredly - 9 years ago

    I suppose my answer is based on the fairly simplistic premise that if I have no available evidence to incline me to believe there IS life on Mars, then the hard-wiring that manages my thinking forces me into the belief that there is no life on Mars. However, I do remain always at the ready to shift my belief regarding life on Mars (as I am with pretty much everything) by varying degrees, right up to and including 100% certainty -- to the point of becoming & being yet another incarnation of Eric Hoffer's "True Believer", with all the rights, privileges, and self-righteous indignation thereunto appertaining.

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