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Does Barcelona have all the necessary pieces for success?

Posted 4 years.


  • Jorge - 4 years ago

    Enrique needs to realize that he has accomplished players on this team, he is not dealing with young inexperienced, still learning the game players, as he had in his previous team. I do agree with the Pique and Matheu, in the back and putting Maschersno back on mid (as in the world cup). I also agree that Rakitic should play over any of the other options, Busquets, Xavi or Iniesta. I don't think Enrique has started the same lineup in any back to back games. So to conclude, Enrique has to stop trying to invent, and place these players in their positions, positions that anybody who knows a little bit about soccer, knows what they are.

  • isaac - 4 years ago

    That's exactly what he needs to do, but to my utter dismay I don't understand why he keeps rotating the squad. It makes me wonder what he is trying to prove? The whole world seems to know, without any coaching staff that Enrique has, what kind of formation Barca needs to play to mesmerize us all, but the stubborn Asturian seems to hear no evil, see no evil. I think they need to show him the door and bring a coach that understands the philosophy of Barca.


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