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Are you OVER Gacha, or STILL LOVE it? (Poll Closed)

  • Over it

  • Love it

  • In Between

Posted 3 years.


  • Ocean Garside - 3 years ago

    i loved gacha.. loved the machines.. but the vendors are too greedy now.. the machines for a lot of the events are as low as 2-5 percent chance and the prices between 75 and 100L.. they should be ashamed really, it takes the fun out of the game because the chance of getting a rare is so low that people are forced to sell commons instead of trade, as was originally intended.. and now the prices at the markets are a mess too. I think leave it to the Arcade and Fantasy gacha events and make it fair.. I have begun boycotting any machine under 8% chance, and i'm sure many others have to.. the vendors are only doing it, because we let them..

  • Phlegm - 3 years ago

    I like Gacha. I love Gacha. At least, that is what I thought until -- like how some comments have stated -- have cheap filler items just to rack in more pulls. Gacha should be fair, fun and rewarding, and items should be equally as rewarding as the other! I understand variation is important, but even gachas irl have some sort of consistency!

    It's not like you play a gacha in real life to get a figurine, and when you try: you end up getting a piece of tissue in a capsule because that happened to be one of the 'common' prizes! It's cheap, it's cheat! it's a rip off, and that absolutely FOULS the spirit and fun of a gacha

    I also think Gacha should not be clothing. It just isn't that great - and isn't going to give much satisfaction when you don't get the right colour, or dare I say it, specific colour pieces. If there is a fair gacha with a set of fun little trinkets that do something and it's neat, that is absolutely fine and even if I don't get the one I wanted, at least it's a fun little toy or some cool interactive collectible i can't be disappointed with even if it's not the variant I want.

    About it being way too over killed. I agree. Some events need to back off and stop incorporating uneccessary gacha into their events. I mean, even though the Arcade Gacha Events started it all, it had a back story, a was MADE for it. And then you have imitations hopping the band wagon, and regular events including it -just because-. Finally, when everyone and their mother are doing it, the spirit slowly crumbles, especially when the original intention of it slowly fades into gambling for the ultra rare 'colour most people are likely to use' black and white in a clothing set.

    of course, to repeat myself, I think the central point of my frustrations are cheap gachas where the prizes range from really neat to literally a used napkin that you can't even have fun with.

  • Wendy - 3 years ago

    When gatchas started they were originally designed to be sort of like the kiddie gum ball machine type things. Prices were around 25 L, just like tossing a quarter into one of those real life kids machines. Problem is that now designers look at them as nothing but a quick way to get rich. They've jacked the prices up to 75-100 L and sometimes even worse and care about nothing more than making as much money as possible. Beyond the jacked up prices there are FAR too many events and more constantly starting up all over the place. It is stupid and ridiculous and I know I am not the only one that misses the days when if you wanted a pink teddybear, you bought the pink teddybear, you didn't have to play some stupid machine 25 times and go broke just to try and get one little bear you like. It's overdone and been run into the ground but the only way it will ever stop is if people stop dropping 1000's and 1000's of lindens into the creators pockets because as long as the designers are making as much as they are making off them it's never going to end.

  • Sileny - 3 years ago

    I still have a fondness for gacha but I rarely play them anymore. I couldn't get enough of them when the machines were less common, the prices were always 50L or less, and machines usually only had like 10-15 items in them max. I really have no interest in sifting through hundreds of new gacha machine releases every week to find something that's nice and not like 100L a pop for a chance at one of 30 items in a set. Also, so many gachas lately are just plushies of some sort. Gachas have been around for a while now and everything has been done to death in that area. I really don't need another holdable mesh dog that is 100L a try to maybe get the one I want out of the 20 possible options. If they change the prices to fit the number of items and reduce the number of events that allow gachas I would probably be into playing them regularly again.

  • J.A. - 3 years ago

    I wish people would just sell their gacha items as normal items. I'm tired of the gambling. Or getting the wrong color. All easy fixes to this but I rather PAY for what I want from these gacha machines instead of getting a bunch of junk items.

  • Marty - 3 years ago

    Nothing that has not been said already that others have not said, gacha events are now too numerous and we have now become over-saturated. Often with 2 or 3 running at the same time. Issues also are that gachas no longer contain items you can count on both hands, but now are become mass number of objects in what is a very low (5%) chance to gain a rare. With machines gauging anywhere from 20 to now anywhere in the 40 number, it's become more a vehicle of greed than anything else. This is especially apparent when items have little more than color variation but also when a gacha machine is packed with 20 to 45 individual items. It really is now becoming an issue of greed more than anything.

    If such organisers really thought about it they would understand that gachas really are a sanctified form of gambling.
    Linden Labs banned gambling and even saw camping chairs as a form of gambling, the only difference being the subject of gambling money on a chance or win or lose and gain nothing when you lose was an issue. The problem where gachas have a reprieve is you get an item per amount spent. However it is gambling no matter how it is dressed up to be. My own personal view is one that deep reaches on understanding the user base of SL, many of whom use SL as a means to bridge real life social conflicts, be it poverty, social interaction issues etc. From my own observations of various gacha groups, the chat is somewhat superficial, many bordering on compulsive obsession on gachas.

    This social grouping already buzzing with quotations of phrases like "OMG I MUST HAVE or I REALLY NEED " creates an atmosphere of competitive peer pressure. To add the insult to injury this is fueled by some organizers of gacha events which does not help, as they know full well this form of social pressure adds to the funds. It is quite harming especially to some individuals who may have little real life money, but are fuelled on by peer pressure to compete, to have and so forth. People who run these events do have a responsibility to their use-base and really should place more rules to their events as it is promoting gambling to already weak willed addicted personalities. Some who will quite happily spend 10.000 to 30.000 ls in one sitting. That is a phenomenal amount of money, perhaps a splash in the ocean to some of the people who run gacha events, but to some others it may be money they cannot truly afford. The other part is value for money, in some machines because of the 5% rule, a person may spend 100 lindens of a rare first go or 9000 lindens to get a rare. The problem there is there is an imbalance of value for money depending on nothing but luck.
    I find it difficult to understand that people are throwing away money on no copy virtual goods, especially in view to Linden labs constant issues with rezzing inworld and its inventory server inconsistencies.

    Lastly is that Gachas have created a good medium for creators to pull maximum profits on creations they make however. It has created a medium for people to have items for photo props etc, but there is only so many things a grid can take. Pretty soon we will find ourselves with high poly, high LOD items littering SL to the point you cannot move for lag. If we want SL to be a lag free environment, we have a responsibility not to litter it. I rather see creators create a fantastic items every 3 months that will be loved and cherished rather hidden in stacked inventories, some of which some very prominent gachaholics deem old and unhip as soon as the next gacha event is running and subject to being overkill ( yeah I have seen the chats to voice that).
    Lets have creator events back and themed them so it creates a degree of variation of items , rather than the trend of granny/ cat lady boutique ideology that recur with so many machines. I mean how many versions of drapes and chairs, cats, apple pies and side cabinets does one need?

  • Thea - 3 years ago

    I do agree that there are way too many events now with gacha, but I still really enjoy the gachas. Part of it is being selective about which I play and I don't expect to make back what I spend with resales of my extras. I often give them away or sell them for less than I paid. It makes me sad to see extremely inflated prices on commons, especially when the event is still going. I think that there are people who have unrealistic expectations about playing the machines. I only play if I like half or more of the items, and don't obsess about completing sets like I used to. But it's gacha and your mileage may vary, like anything else in SL.

  • Bet - 3 years ago

    In the beginning gachas were maybe 8 colors--- and one was rare and you could happily use the colors you got.

    Now there are monster collections and some are basically non usuable in the mesh world-- 16 LI light strings, a scrap of cloth etc.

    And so many machines you can't even find people to trade with

    I would rather pay 250-500 for a collection that was complete

    I love the topics but am SICK my inv is stuffed with a zillion of dull unsalable things

    Unless the gachas go back to when losing is cheap and still fun-- I am done

  • Minty Mayhem - 3 years ago

    Initially I enjoyed gacha events, and have spent so much money with nary a blink. In the last months though I've decided that I really don't want to spend my time fighting through lag for a try at an item that I'd so much rather just purchase outright, even for a premium price. Nor do I want to comb through yard sales anymore. So this year, I'm leaving gacha behind for the most part. Just let me buy! :)

  • Winterstar Heart - 3 years ago

    I enjoy the Gacha Events, look forward to them, but as others have stated - there are just way too many Events every single month. Consolidating would not only make the market less inundated, but allow the consumers to spend whatever their budget is on the event, rather than dropping a few k on one Event, only to have another creep up, and then another, and another. October 2014 had 11 events that I went to, and there may have been even more. I would love to see the variety of themes, that's great! I collect modern items, medieval/fantasy items, and have a fondness for some of the odd themes to come up as well - retro, gaming, apocalypse, etc. Consolidate to.. three events a month, each event a different theme? Sounds like something that could help with the market flooding, and still appeal to the collectors.

    One additional suggestion would be to have a blanket Gacha Subscriber group of some kind. I don't find out about some events until months have passed since they've ended. A notice or notecard announcing the event(s) to come would help me, at least, and I see a lot of people asking about events, landmarks to them, and when the next one will be in various gacha groups which, oddly, don't advert the events taking place. Cuts down on having to wade through all the groups where members are spamming to advertise yard sales, designers advertising the newest releases [not gachas], and the bickering of people over prices/trades/and who has the coolest [insert skin/hair/clothes/stuff] here for those of us who join those groups in the hopes of hearing of an event that is taking place. I know Seraphim has a website which announces some of the events out there, gachas as well as others, but an option in SL means I don't have to leave my virtual existence to learn about my virtual events. I love Serpahim's site, I use it all the time [especially for the gacha preview galleries. It's VERY needed], I'd just like something in world and more inclusive if possible.

    Lastly, as I reminded myself, I'd be far happier if the designers would add their key or advert pic to the prize packaging. Many times I can't remember what a certain Gacha set at some event I went to looks like. I search online, I ask in groups, but I'm stuck with something named 'pile of books'. What event? What designer? What did the rest of the set look like?? I'm far more organized now with my Gacha purchases at events, but the yard sale ones make it a true mission impossible. I now have a folder named 'unknown gachas' that just wait, pushed aside from their happy friends from the events like Arcade and FGC which heavily detail the offerings that can be found at their event, allowing me to be organized and efficient, too.

  • Shaterica Wulluf - 3 years ago

    I do love gacha events but there are so many going on at once. Pretty much any event has gacha machines in it. I do not want gacha events to end but I would be happier if it was more sparse and spread out.

  • Persephone Emerald - 3 years ago

    I was never fond of gatchas because they're basically slot machines for shopping addicts, & I hate losing money by gambling. I understand the addiction all too well. I've spent several hundred lindens or more trying to get an item or color I wanted, then regretted spending all that money afterward.

    I love the gatcha resale markets, but I see them going the way of the old yardsale lots soon. You can't flood the market with thousands of largely unwanted commons & useless little knick knacks, & then expect to make back the money you spent in aquiring them. The bigger resale markets get most of the traffic & drive lower prices with competion for sales, but they're also laggy as Hell & a nightmare for people who don't love shopping for hours for a bargain. (I actually enjoy that part of the experience.)

  • heavenly villa - 3 years ago

    Simply because there have become way too many events in SL. SL seems to go through phases - hunts - sales events - gachas. Almost makes me miss the old malls..... :)

  • Kat Terrawyng - 3 years ago

    It's frustrating to want to buy a specific color or style of product and be forced to spend a ridiculous amount of lindens for the off-chance that you MAY get what you want. I rarely use the original gatchas anymore. I'll shop garage sales or I just won't buy the gatcha product at all. It's a waste of my money to try for something I want rather than just buying it.

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