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If the New England Patriots are found guilty of tampering with game footballs, how should they be punished?

Posted 4 years.


  • David deHaas - 4 years ago

    Pats should forfeit? Just a bunch of butt hurt Giants and Jets fans that don't want New England to win another Super Bowl.

  • Mel Thompson - 4 years ago

    The Patriots should be declared INELIGIBLE for the playoffs next season. Its the only way to send a message that unethical behavior that impacts the integrity of the game will NOT be tolerated.

  • Cathy - 4 years ago

    Sad that this controversy is over shadowing a great team that EARNED the right to the Superbowl, "IF" found guilty by the NFL they would be subject to a fine, so enough with the witch hunt,

  • Patricia Del Vecchio - 4 years ago

    How about we wait til the investigation is finished and find out what happened before assigning punishment.

  • MJ - 4 years ago

    How about ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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