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Do you agree with the Ringling Brothers decision to phase out elephant acts?

Posted 3 years.


  • Rick smirh - 2 years ago

    You never knew Guenter or his love of his animals You people do not remember people Lille Mickey Antalek or others. Gebel Williams and son loved those animals and placed them above their own lives. I hate these humaniacs who cannot find compassion for the good people while they try to roast the bad. They will get what they deserve as bad good deed nothing in the end Ringling is the champion for Asian elephant preservation in the USA and should be commended

  • Loretta - 3 years ago

    They ( Ringling) should not be praised for this! This should be done NOW!!! Not taking three years. There should be NO animals in the Circus, or any other place, for the purpose of entertaining people!!!

  • Norah Hudson - 3 years ago

    these elephants need to be in a sanctuary where they can live a half natural life- people have no idea what gets done to these beautiful giants until they snap and kill someone- l cannot believe people can be this ignorant. This should stop NOW, not take 3 years to phase out

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    Now for the rest of the animals, and why 3 years? Just move them already

  • Eric Mills - 3 years ago

    Great news!

    SeaWorld, take note. Those orca and dolphin "shows" need to go, too. Indeed, ethically-speaking, there should be NO wild animals allowed in any traveling circus or carnival.

    Earlier this year Mexico outlawed the use of wild animals in circuses, as did Colombia the year before.

    Can the U.S. be far behind? Makes one wonder who the REAL "Third World" country is......

  • Tracy - 3 years ago

    Why do they have to "phase" it out? What is wrong is wrong, now, today. Period. B&B will abuse them for a few more years then stop. That's just plain wrong. NOW is the time. Do not appease us with a "phase out".

  • Nah - 3 years ago

    I love people commenting that they aren't sure they are abused or that they like to perform. It's not really up for debate if it's proven. Take 5 seconds to research it. Ignorant.

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    For mysrlf the best part of a circus is the elephant acts. I'll never go to another circus again. I'm a elephant lover and don't feel they are abused. Look what is happening to them in the wild.
    Circus is the only place a child or adult can get a close up look or even a chance to ride a elephant.

  • Jennofur OConnor - 3 years ago

    Good news/bad news to be sure. Great if this is "for real," but why in the world would it take Ringling three years to do the right thing? STOP THE ACTS TODAY. If you know they are wrong and that most compassionate people condemn elephant acts, don't make them wait another day for relief.

  • Cal - 3 years ago

    Some people's fuss about elephants is just crazy. Misguided anthromorphism. Elephants are not people. Most elephants, like dogs and horses, love to perform. Anyone who has worked with or trained a pet would realize that.
    Treat your pets kindly, humanely, and allow them to perform if they want to. Don't force them to pine away from boredom. Taking elephants away from the circus would be animal cruelty.

  • Nick Galley - 3 years ago

    @extinct - I believe you take the title of most arrogant comment on the internet. There are plenty of elephants still alive, plenty of organizations to keep them safe, plenty of zoos that actually treat them kindly. Allowing zoos to manipulate and force them to do unnatural acts for the purpose of entertainment is awful. Especially with the abuse they put them through to break them and make them malleable.

  • extinct - 3 years ago

    If they go extinct in the wild, then wouldn't be the zoos and circuses that would have the remaining actual living elephants? So wouldn't supporting the circus be a good thing after all for ensuring the survival of this magnificent beast? So I am not so sure I completely agree with the decision.

  • Lisa - 3 years ago

    Why wait until 2018? How about right freakin now?!

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