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Do you think Daylight Saving Time should be eliminated?

Posted 3 years.


  • Me - 10 months ago

    All this hogwash over one hour. Your biological clock isn't affected. Days are the same on DST or not. If you're late for work it's your own fault for not setting your clocks. I work in schools and there is not one complaint from the teachers nor are any of the students affected. This is all a bunch of crap. What isn't crap is having light later in the summer and making better use of day hours!

  • Sharon Hall - 10 months ago

    Yes ELIMINATE DST. I hate it as do most people according to this poll!! Please do it!!

  • Barb - 10 months ago

    Please keep daylight savings time. I love being outside working in my yard or eating outside at a restaurant in the sunshine. Is there a reason we can't stay on daylight savings time all year round?

  • Laurie Nic - 1 year ago

    A day cannot be lengthened or shortened. It is always 24 hours with the same amount of daylight and darkness.
    Changing the time only messes with people's natural clock and makes those of us who have sleep difficulties have even a harder time adjusting to the clock conscious world.
    Please, Please eliminate daylight's saving time. It makes no sense in our modern world.

  • tracey - 3 years ago

    I love the.long days of summer in Michigan. Do not shorten them please.

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